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Pills Now. Pay Later.

With Pills Now, Pay Later, you can come into one of our health centers for a quick visit and leave with up to a year’s worth of birth control pills, paying for one pack that day.  We will charge your credit card or debit card on a monthly basis until your prescription runs out.

How does it work? 

Come in to one of our health centers for a visit with a clinician. You’ll discuss your medical and birth control history to help you determine which method best fits you and your lifestyle.

If you choose the birth control pill, and enroll in Pills Now, Pay Later, you’ll walk out of our health center with up to one year’s worth of pills. That day you will pay for one pack of pills and a separate visit fee. It’s that easy!

Already taking birth control pills? 

No need to wait for a new prescription. Whatever number of packs of pills remain on your current prescription, you can take that number of packs home with you! You'll save time and convenience, and avoid any interruptions in your cycle. 

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No waiting, no worrying.
Pills Now. Pay Later.

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What is the birth control pill?

Birth control pills are a kind of medicine with hormones that you take every day to prevent pregnancy. There are many different brands of pills. The pill is safe, affordable, and effective if you always take it on time. Besides preventing pregnancy, the pill has lots of other health benefits, too.

How do I use the birth control pill?

Using the pill is easy: swallow a tiny pill every day. Here’s the info on when to start birth control pills, the different types of pills, and what to do if you missed a birth control pill.

What are the benefits of the birth control pill?

The birth control pill is a safe, simple, and convenient way to prevent pregnancy. It also has other benefits like reducing acne, making your periods regular, and easing menstrual cramps.

Get the facts about birth control pills! 

Get the facts about birth control pills! 


If you’re thinking about going on the pill, you may have questions. What do birth control pills do? Are birth control pills safe? Here’s all the info on how to use birth control pills.