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Recruiting & Retaining Providers

Visits to a PPNorCal health center help keep patients out of hospitals and emergency rooms, which is critical during a public health crisis.  Retaining quality providers in our health centers is the difference between seeing a patient within days versus weeks.

This is especially important in our rural communities, making up over half of the 20 counties PPNorCal serves. Living in a rural community often means fewer health care options for patients. Patients may have to drive over four hours round trip to receive care at one of our northern health centers in Eureka, Chico, or Redding. Some counties in our service area have limited choices because of a prevalence of religious hospitals where sexual health care, including birth control, vasectomies, and abortions, may not be available.

Recruiting and retaining health care providers in rural areas is especially challenging. Many of our rural job postings remain unfilled for 12 months or more, resulting in unmet patient needs.

To remain competitive amidst a national shortage of health care workers, PPNorCal must position itself as an attractive option for upcoming talented health care workers by investing in innovative solutions and incentives.

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