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The SAFE Campaign: Fortifying Patient Access to Care.

The heart of the SAFE Campaign focuses on our people and points of access at PPNorCal. Strategic campaign investments increase clinical staff, patient access, equipment, technology, virtual access via telehealth, and health center enhancements. We wouldn’t be launching this campaign now if it weren’t for the overturning of Roe v Wade. Now is the time to give and to give generously.

Over the next two fiscal years, PPNorCal will seek to raise $5.8 million.

Campaign Priorities

We’re fighting back. The heart of this campaign will focus on Our People and Points of Access.

Campaign Details

Patient Navigators 

Out-of-state patients will have a navigator that will help with abortion scheduling. They will be able to screen for financial or travel needs, provide counseling regarding the parameters of care, assist with complex scheduling needs, and connect patients with partner organizations that can support travel needs. 

Legal Support 

Funds are needed to ensure clinicians are protected and services, like TeleMab, can be implemented safely.

Surgical Abortion Training

The current number of clinicians available to perform surgical abortions will not meet the potential increased demand. We will train more clinicians in advanced practice to serve more patients while ensuring those in our territory don’t experience increased wait times or delays.

Expanded Hours of Patient Access

We will expand the hours of service to include mornings, evenings, and additional weekend days to serve patients with more flexible hours.

Recruiting & Retaining Health Center Staff

To meet demand, we will need to expand hours, introduce new work shifts, and hire more health center staff. 

Additional Licensed Staff Providing Abortion Care

Surgical abortion procedures require those with advanced training and licenses. We will hire additional licensed staff to address the increasing numbers. 

Campaign Outcomes

•    Increased health center staffing to serve more patients
•    Reduced wait times
•    Flexible hours to meet patients on their schedule
•    Increased legal support & protection
•    Patient Navigators increase access
•    Increasing degree of respect & humanity patients experience
•    Decreased financial & geographical barriers
•    Close health equity gaps caused by social determinants

Together, we will invest in Our People & Points of Access to Care which will build our foundation for the future.

The moment is now. Your contribution would ensure that everyone, regardless of where they live, can still get high-quality, compassionate health care, including abortion. Join us. 


For more information, please contact

Lisa Moore
Vice President of Development
[email protected]