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Innovative Investment Phase of the Second Century Campaign

Planned Parenthood Northern California is seeking support to secure new investments in medical services, community outreach, education & advocacy, and organizational capacity, to transform the way we provide our services.

Your investment will help us elevate and protect our mission as well as our services for years to come. 

Mental Health Services Program Expansion
$240,000/3 year support

Why is this important? Interactions between the physical, mental, and behavioral needs of a patient contribute to overall health. We will expand our Mental Health program to serve more counties. PPNorCal is one of few providers offering a sliding fee payment scale for services including short and long term counseling. The investment will expand the Mental Health Services Director role to increase the recruitment and supervision of mental health service providers across multiple regions.

Positively Impacting – Patients dealing with a wide range of emotional/mental health issues. This program will deliver services to an additional 3,000 patients, particularly in communities where access is scarce. We will provide this care to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay, creating a much-needed “mental health safety net.”


Why is this important? This new fund will ensure that all patients, even those lacking any insurance or financial resources, can make the choices they know are right for them. Funds will ensure access for patients to a variety of services, such as moderate sedation medications (for surgical abortion), and further diagnosis and care following abnormal breast exams.
Positively Impacting – 800 of our lowest-income patients in need of specialized care. Even with sliding payment scales, paying for uncovered costs is simply beyond the reach of many. These funds will allow us to remove the final barrier to care that our poorest patients face.

Clinician Recruitment & Retention
$850,000/5 year support

Why is this important? The shortage of health care providers, especially in our northern rural regions, continues to be one of our greatest challenges. The best way to compete with for-profit health care providers for quality clinicians is to establish a fund to provide incentives including: signing/relocation bonuses (for rural centers), a student loan repayment assistance program, and a scholarship program for other PPNorCal staff who wish to pursue clinician careers.
Positively Impacting - Patients, especially in rural areas, who will have shorter wait times for appointments with more of the most talented providers. Our clinicians won’t have to travel long distances to fill in for vacant positions, and more of our staff will get trained and promoted from within. This means more highly qualified, committed staff to serve our patients in every Northern California region. PPNorCal will be able to accommodate 30,000 additional patient visits per year as a result of these efforts.

Case Manager: Hormone Therapy for Gender Affirmation & PrEP HIV Prevention
$225,000/3 year support

Why is this important? PPNorCal was one of the first Planned Parenthood affiliates in the U.S. to offer PrEP and PEP (medications to prevent HIV infection), and hormone therapy for gender affirmation. Taken correctly, PrEP is 99% effective at preventing HIV. Hormone therapy has been shown to profoundly increase the quality of life for transgender individuals, and can bring the body into greater congruence with gender identity. This funding will now make us the first Planned Parenthood affiliate to establish a Case Manager focused exclusively on delivering these services—increasing utilization and ensuring our patients receive the highest level of care.

Positively Impacting - 3,000 patients at high risk of HIV infection, and transgender individuals. This position will positively impact lives by improving the health of community members throughout our region.

Expanding Comprehensive Sex Education
$1,542,000/3 year support

Why is this important? Young people face important decisions about their relationships and sexuality, and the decisions they make can impact their health and well-being for the rest of their lives. Sexual health education gives them the tools they need to make healthy decisions, at a critical time. This funding will increase and sustain ten staff members to expand education offerings to areas where demand is high. We estimate these new positions will enable us to serve approximately 14,500 additional individuals.
Positively Impacting - Youth and adults at schools and community venues, including women’s shelters, LGBTQIA centers, and juvenile halls. These new educators will reach thousands of residents in the following rural, urban, and suburban counties:

• Butte
• Contra Costa
• Marin

• San Francisco
• Shasta
• Solano

Support the Campaign

To make a transformational gift to our Second Century Innovative Investment Phase, please contact our Development Department.

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