Billie Long Resource Center

Resource Rentals--by appointment only


Resources Available to Rent:

Contraceptive Methods Kits: $10 per 24 hours or $20 for one week. Hands-on model of current contraceptive methods. 

$40 refundable deposit is required for rented materials.


Resources Available for Purchase:

  • Condoms: $10 per 100 count
  • Lubricant: $20 per 100 single use pillows 
  • Brochures: $10 per 50 count
  • Safer Sex Kit: $2.00 (6 condoms, 2 lubricants, 2 mints) 
  • Contraceptive Methods Kit for Educators: $75


Contact the Billie Long Resource Center in Concord to make an appointment or for additional information at [email protected].  


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