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Planned Parenthood of New York City (PPNYC) offers FREE workshops for pre-teens, teens, or adults. Our interactive workshops help participants to learn and practice critical skills for communication and decision making. If you have questions after reading about the workshops and reviewing the scheduling information, please call(212) 274-7339. We offer the following workshops:

  • Sexuality:
    In this introduction, participants begin to explore and identify the broad concept of human sexuality. Participants will begin to learn the appropriate language when expressing thoughts and feelings about sex and sexuality. [back to previous page]

  • Anatomy:
    In this session, a light-hearted and enjoyable vehicle for learning is provided in order for participants to learn (or relearn) the male and female sexual systems. Allowing the participants to know and talk about the anatomy of both genders will provide them with the message that it is normal and appropriate to talk about our bodies. It is also a vital component for understanding contraceptive use. [back to previous page]

  • Contraception:
    Participants learn up-to-date information about various types of contraceptive methods and their effectiveness in preventing pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, or both. This session will also explore the options available to people should their method(s) fail. [back to previous page]

  • HIV and STI Prevention:
    This session provides straightforward information on sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS, and builds awareness of behavioral risks and prevention. [back to previous page]

  • Gender Role and Identity:
    In this session, young people explore their attitudes about gender roles and behavior. Participants identify specific gender role messages they have grown up with, and then evaluate them critically. Both young men and women are encouraged to break out of stereotypical gender roles and to act as allies for one another while they work to overcome gender role restrictions. This session encourages healthy and respectful relationships. [back to previous page]

  • Sexual Orientation:
    This session is targeted toward youth who identify as LGBQT and straight. It discusses the definitions of sexual orientation, homophobia, and heterosexism. It allows participants to explore the effects of heterosexism and homophobia as well as their personal attitudes. The goal of the workshop is to encourage youth to confront stereotypes and open their minds. [back to previous page]

  • Healthy Relationships:
    Participants explore the qualities that are characteristic of healthy and unhealthy relationships. They are also given a chance to strengthen relationship skills, including listening. Participants will leave this session with skills that can be used to enhance their existing relationships and help to build new ones. [back to previous page]

  • Communication and Negotiation Skills:
    This session focuses on the skills necessary to make healthy decisions and to learn to negotiate in difficult situations. Participants will be given the opportunity to explore the effects of using refusal and assertiveness skills through role-play exercises. Participants also work on self-esteem-building exercises that will empower them to access methods of contraception, and use them responsibly. [back to previous page]