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Parents Have a Big Influence

Research shows that parents have a lot of power and influence when it comes to their children and sexuality.  Here, you can learn more about how you can exercise that influence.

Start talking early. The earlier communication starts the better.  


Understanding the stages of child sexual development will help parents and other caring adults know what to expect and how to provide support and guidance to help children develop into sexually healthy adults. 


There are three factors in parent-child relationships that are considered “super protective”: 

  • Parent-Child Communication - Specific, directive communication from parents about their values and expectations.

  • Parent-Child Connectedness - The emotional bond between parent and child, which is mutual and sustained over time. It includes closeness, support, warmth, good communication, and relationship satisfaction.

  • Parental Monitoring – Ongoing parental supervision and regulation of a child’s behavior.  This includes the creation and enforcement of rules and expectations.


Always remember “the music” of your message.  When you hear a song you like, even though you may not remember all the lyrics, you remember the beat, the melody, and the way it made you feel. It is the same when we talk to our children about sexuality. They may not remember everything we said, but they remember how it made them feel.  And, that determines whether they come back to us again.