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1. Abortion Access
2. Access to Contraceptives and Preventive Care
3. Youth, Minors' Rights, and Comprehensive Sexuality Education
4. HIV Prevention and Care
5. LGBQ + TGNC Rights and Inclusive Care
6. Immigration and Health Care
7. Sexual and Reproductive Health Care for Incarcerated Individuals
8. Gender-Based Violence Prevention and Support
9. Support for Women and Families

Abortion Access 

All individuals have the right to obtain a safe, legal abortion and New York State Medicaid funding of abortion helps individuals who cannot otherwise afford it.


The Reproductive Health Act (RHA) A1748 (Glick) / S2796 (Krueger)

The RHA would update New York's abortion law to align it with federal law established under Roe v. Wade. The RHA codifies Roe v. Wade and strengthens New York's protections for abortion providers and patients.

Learn more: Read Senator Liz Krueger's Statement on the RHA

Sign the petition calling on NYS Senate to pass the RHA

Access to Reproductive Health Care Facilities

Despite legal protections, aggressive protester activity is an ongoing challenge for reproductive health centers, sometimes delaying and disrupting a patient's access to time-sensitive services. We must enforce and strengthen laws, like NYC's clinic access law, to protect an individual’s safe access to reproductive health care facilities.

Accountability of Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) continue to use deceptive tactics that mislead New Yorkers and discourage them from seeking licensed medical care. PPNYC advocates for stronger measures to hold CPCs accountable to New York City’s regulations and law.  

Learn More: Read PPNYC's Testimony about Regulation of Crisis Pregnancy Centers 

New York Daily News: "Pregnancy Centers of Deception" op-ed by Laura McQuade, PPNYC President and CEO

Greater Access to Abortion Services at NYC Health + Hospitals (H+H)

H+H integrated abortion care training into its obstetrics/gynecology residency training programs in 2002.  However, changes in staffing and other factors have resulted in practices and conditions that can undermine abortion access at H+H facilities. The City should review the provision of abortion services in all H+H hospitals to improve the delivery of these services, and designate a center of excellence in every borough with an H+H hospital.


Opposing Sex-Selective Abortion Laws Res. 920-2015 (Chin)

Sex-selective abortion bans are deceptive laws that exploit racial stereotypes and result in doctors questioning their patients' motives and restricting entire communities from accessing care. New York City should stand with Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) and reproductive rights organizations in exposing these wolf-in-sheep's-clothing restrictions and pass a local resolution to oppose sex-selective abortion bans.

Learn more: Read the National Asian Pacific American Women's webpage about sex-selective abortion bans.

Access to Contraceptives and Preventive Care 

All New Yorkers deserve access to preventive health care, including contraception that is accessible, affordable, and covered by insurance.


The Comprehensive Contraceptive Coverage Act (CCCA) A1378 (Cahill); S3668 (Bonacic)

The CCCA would guarantee insurance coverage for all federally approved methods of contraception under the Affordable Care Act, including male contraceptive methods, and would extend coverage for over-the-counter emergency contraception, as well as allow for the dispensing of 12 months of hormonal birth control at one time.

Learn More: Read the Attorney General's Statement on the CCCA

Gothamist: NY Assembly Passes Legislation to Keep Contraception Free after GOP Kills Affordable Care Act

Sign the petition calling on NYS Senate to pass the CCCA


The “Boss Bill” A1142A (Jaffee); S2709A (Krueger)

The Boss Bill would protect employees from discrimination based on their reproductive health care decisions, regardless of their boss’s personal feelings about the matter. Everyone should feel able to access health care and medication without fear of workplace retaliation.

Learn More: Read Senate Committee Passes the Boss Bill, Call Your Senator to Support Today!

Rewire: New York Assembly Passes Boss Bill


Funding for Planned Parenthood of New York City

Each year 60,000 New Yorkers rely on PPNYC for sexual and reproductive health care services, including birth control, gynecological care, HIV testing, STD testing and treatment, breast and cervical cancer screenings, PrEP, vasectomy, and transgender hormone therapy. PPNYC relies on federal, state, and local funding and reimbursement in order to serve all New Yorkers regardless of insurance, immigration status, or income.


Minors’ Consent for the HPV Vaccine

The New York State Department of Health recently clarified that NY's Public Health Law allows minors to consent on their own to the HPV vaccine during reproductive and sexual health care visits, protecting young people's right to confidentiality.

Learn More: Read PPNYC's Testimony on Minors' Consent for HPV 

Youth, Minors' Rights, and Comprehensive Sexuality Education 

All young people deserve access to safe and confidential health care, including sexual and reproductive health care services at school-based health centers and in foster care and shelters.

They also deserve comprehensive sexuality education that can provide them with tools and resources they need to make healthy, informed decisions about their lives and well-being. NYC students need K-12 comprehensive sexuality education that is age-appropriate, medically accurate, culturally responsive, and gender-inclusive.


K-12 Comprehensive Sexuality Education in NYC Public Schools 

The Department of Education should enact a Chancellor’s Regulation mandating comprehensive sexuality education in all grades with stronger training and education tools for teachers, and clear enforcement measures. All students deserve the skills to build healthy relationships and caring, inclusive communities.

Learn More: Visit the Sexuality Education Alliance of NYC (SEANYC) website

Read: SEANYC's Student Poll Results on Sex Education in NYC Schools

Read: PPNYC's Testimony on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Read PPNYC's Testimony on Sexuality Education in NYC Schools

Read PPNYC's Testimony on the NYC Campus Safety Act

Rewire: "Carry That Weight" Shows Need for Comprehensive Sexual Education

HIV Prevention and Care 

Despite New York’s gains in reducing rates of HIV, the HIV/AIDS epidemic has concentrated in low-income communities of color. NYC needs greater legislative, regulatory, and budgetary resources to improve structural support systems and mitigate systemic HIV disparities.


Full Enactment and Funding of the End the Epidemic Blueprint

As a provider of HIV and STI prevention and care services including PrEP, through our street-outreach program Project Street Beat, PPNYC urges NYC to address the challenges our clients face daily.  Increased funding for sexual health education, housing benefits, and case management will help at-risk individuals and people living with HIV to overcome obstacles to getting tested and treated.


Ending the Persecutory Use of Condoms as Evidence A7671 (Walker); S5638 (Montgomery)

Current New York State law permits the persecutory use of condoms as evidence of prostitution and trafficking in many cases, allowing police officers to arrest individuals for carrying condoms. This practice gravely undermines New York City's commitment to public health and safety. All people should have safe and secure access to condoms to prevent sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy.

Learn More: Visit the Access to Condoms Coalition website 

Read PPNYC's Statement on No Condoms as Evidence


Expanding HASA Benefits for HIV-positive New Yorkers

Expanding HIV/AIDS Services Administration (HASA) benefits, including rental assistance and other supportive services, to low-income New Yorkers living with HIV, promotes health and limits the spread of HIV. People living with HIV already face significant health care costs to treat their infection and without affordable housing options are forced to choose between their health care and a safe place to live.

Learn More: Visit Housing Works' and VOCAL-NY's websites to learn about expanding services for people with HIV/AIDS

LGBQ + TGNC Rights and Inclusive Care 

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender and gender non-conforming New Yorkers often face barriers to health care, including discrimination, lack of insurance coverage, provider insensitivity, and lack of awareness of available resources. We support efforts to fight discrimination and improve health care access for the LGBQ + TGNC community.


Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA) A4558 (Gottfried); S61 (Squadron)

New York State needs stronger protections to protect against a person being fired, harassed, evicted, or denied public services simply for being transgender or gender-non-conforming. No one should be denied services because of their gender identity.

Learn More: Visit Equality New York's website

Read GMHC's Statement on GENDA 

Read PPNYC's Comments on Proposed Regulations Governing Protections for Trans and Gender Nonconforming New Yorkers

Read PPNYC's Testimony on Expanding Gender-Sexuality Alliances in NYC Schools

Read PPNYC's Testimony on Bullying, Harassment, and Discrimination in NYC Schools


Gender Equity in Public Accommodation

NYC enacted provisions requiring that all single-occupancy bathrooms be made available to persons of any gender, thereby providing greater protections for transgender and gender non-conforming individuals and easing  health and safety concerns.

Learn More: Read Mayor de Blasio's Statement on Passage of Equal Access to Single-Occupant Bathrooms

Read PPNYC's Testimony in Support of Gender-Neutral Single-Occupancy Bathrooms


Changes to New York City’s Birth Certificate Policy Introduction 0491-2014 (Johnson)

This new law eliminates regulations requiring an individual to show proof of gender-affirmative surgery to change the gender designation on their birth certificate.

Learn More: Local Law to Amend Gender Designation on Birth Records

Read PPNYC's Testimony in Support of Changes to NYC's Birth Certificate Policy


Medicaid Coverage of Transgender Health Services

New York State Medicaid is now required to cover gender-affirmative surgery and transition care including hormone therapy.

Learn More: Visit Sylvia Rivera Law Project's website

Immigrant Rights and Health Care 

A person’s immigration status should not hinder their access to health care services. We support expanding health insurance coverage to all immigrant New Yorkers, regardless of immigration status.


Coverage 4 All Campaign

Coverage 4 All would expand the New York State of Health Marketplace to extend insurance coverage eligibility to thousands more immigrant New Yorkers, improving their health care options and reducing health disparities across the state.

Learn More: Read Health Care for All New York (HCFANY): Comprehensive Coverage for All Immigrants

Read PPNYC's Testimony on Expanding Insurance Coverage under the Affordable Care Act

Read PPNYC's Testimony on Immigrant Access to Health Care


The NYS DREAM Act  A9640 (Moya); S2378B (Peralta)

The DREAM Act would enable thousands of NYC undocumented high school graduates to obtain state financial aid and overcome financial barriers to attending college. Affordable education puts younger generations on a path that will enable them to better access quality health care.

Learn More: Visit the New York State Youth Leadership Council (NYSYLC)'s website

Sexual and Reproductive Health Care for Incarcerated Individuals

Women in incarceration face disproportionate health care disparities, including inadequate access to sexual and reproductive health care and counseling. All people incarcerated in New York must have access to the health care they need.


Restricting the Use of Solitary Confinement of Pregnant Individuals A1347 (Rozic); S5729 (Lanza)

Solitary confinement limits people's access to medical and mental health care, putting pregnant individuals' health at risk. This bill would ensure that solitary confinement of pregnant or postpartum inmates is only used in exceptional circumstances in New York State prisons and county facilities.

Learn More: Read the Correctional Association’s report "Reproductive Injustice: the State of Reproductive Health Care for Women in New York State’s Prisons"


NYS Anti-Shackling Bill A6430 (Perry); S0983 (Montgomery)

This law prohibits shackling throughout the course of pregnancy and during eight weeks of recovery, and establishes training and reporting requirements to enforce the law.

Learn More: Visit website of the Coalition for Women Prisoners

Read PPNYC's Testimony on Health Care Services for Women in NYC Jails

Gender-Based Violence Prevention and Support 

Sexual assault is a matter of public health and safety. PPNYC supports measures to combat sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and other gender-based violence to protect all people’s health and well-being.


New York City Campus Safety Act Intro. 517 (Public Advocate Letitia James)

This bill would better connect campus members to sexual assault resources and provide more educational materials for students and administrators adjudicating assault claims.

Learn More: Read PPNYC's Press Release on the NYC Campus Safety Act

Read PPNYC's Testimony on the NYC Campus Safety Act 


Enough Is Enough A8244 (Glick); S5965 (LaValle)

Governor Cuomo’s “Enough is Enough” legislation requires all colleges and universities to implement standardized prevention and response policies and procedures regarding sexual violence on campus. Among other measures, the law establishes a uniform definition of affirmative consent and mandates that colleges inform sexual assault survivors of their rights and resources.

Learn More: Visit Know Your IX's website

Read PPNYC's Testimony on Intimate Partner Violence and Bullying in Schools

Support for Women and Families 

Individuals who decide to parent must have the resources needed to raise their family and care for their well-being, including affordable childcare, workplace protections for pregnant and parenting employees, and a fair living wage.


A Fair Wage for All Workers 

Low-wage jobs and the gender pay gap both undermine the well-being of women, their families, and their communities. Our patients deserve a fair living wage that allows them to afford health care, education, housing, childcare, transportation, and other needs to care for themselves and their families and to shape their own futures. PPNYC supports a fair living wage for all workers, removing the tipped sub-minimum wage, and equal pay for equal work.

Learn More: Find out about the One Fair Wage campaign to remove the tipped sub-minimum wage in New York


Read PPNYC's Press Release on the Fight for $15 Campaign  


Paid Family Leave

New York’s paid family leave policy enacted in the 2016-2017 state budget rectifies a long-standing lack of job protection by guaranteeing 12 weeks of paid leave for employees caring for an ill family member or new child. PPNYC applauds the New York legislature for enacting the most progressive family leave policy in the country.

Learn More: Visit New York State Paid Family Leave Coalition's website

Read Governor Cuomo's Statement about New York's New Policy 


Nail Salon Safety and Worker Protections A7630A (Kim); S5966 (Venditto)

New York enacted legislation in 2015 to strengthen protections for nail salon workers against exploitive labor and health violations. The law requires healthier work environments for immigrant women and families and affirms the rights of thousands of workers across the state.

Learn More: Visit NY Healthy Nail Salon Coalition's website

Read PPNYC's Testimony on the NYC Nail Salon Health and Safety Bill

New York Times: The Price of Nice Nails

New York Times: Perfect Nails, Poisoned Workers

Pregnancy As a Qualifying Event A6780B (Simotas); S5972B (Seward)

New York is the first state in the country to add pregnancy to a list of qualifying life events permitting enrollment in health insurance through the New York State of Health Marketplace outside of the open enrollment period.

Learn more: Read the NYC Comptroller's Report

Huffington Post: New York Could Become First State to Consider Pregnancy a "Qualifying Event" for Insurance Enrollment

Breastfeeding Bill of Rights Notification A7202A (Gunther); S5183 (Hannon)

In 2015, New York strengthened its breastfeeding bill of rights to ensure that all new mothers are notified in the hospital about their breastfeeding rights, including the right to reasonable break time at work to express milk.

Learn More: Visit A Better Balance's  website

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