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PPNYC offers schools and community organizations two FREE evidence-based programs designed to reduce rates of sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy among young people.

Making Proud Choices! and Be Proud! Be Responsible! are STI, HIV, and pregnancy prevention programs for young people aged 11-21 years. Each of these curriculums provides youth with the knowledge and skills they need to make independent, informed, and responsible decisions about sex so they can live healthy and safe lives.

Making Proud Choices! consists of eight sessions:

• Getting to Know You and Steps to Making Your Dreams Come True

• The Consequences of Sex: HIV Infection

• Attitudes and Beliefs about HIV/AIDS and Condom Use

• Strategies for Preventing HIV Infection: Stop, Think, and Act

• The Consequences of Sex: STDs and Correct Condom Use

• The Consequences of Sex: Pregnancy

• Developing Condom Use and Negotiation Skills

• Role-Plays: Refusal and Negotiation Skills

Be Proud! Be Responsible! consists of six sessions:

• Introduction to HIV, STDs, and Pregnancy

• Building Knowledge about HIV, STDs, and Pregnancy

• Understanding Vulnerability to HIV, STDs, and Teen Pregnancy

• Attitudes and Beliefs about HIV, Condom Use, and Safer Sex

• Building Condom Use Skills

• Building Negotiation and Refusal Skills

For more information, call (212) 965-4852 or email [email protected]

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