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Activist_Council_logo_2012.pngWe invite you to join the Activist Council! No prior knowledge or experience is necessary just an interest in protecting and advancing reproductive rights. The Activist Council is for people who want to do pro-choice advocacy under the auspices of the Planned Parenthood of New York City Action Fund.

New members are introduced to the Activist Council in 4 evening trainings in which they get up to speed on current reproductive health and rights issues, meet other new members, and start to talk about activities. Once trained, members are free to decide what types of projects and issues interest them most. Beyond monthly meetings, the level of time commitment is up to each person.

Members can join these work groups:

Sex Ed Advocacy Group
Sex ed activists plan educational events and forums for the community, advocating for comprehensive sex education and cultivating sexual health awareness.

Political Action Group
Political activists inform and engage voters, organize phone banks and letter-writing campaigns, and visit elected officials to support or oppose legislation.

Fundraising Group
Fundraising Group members plan 2-3 major fundraising events a year to support the health care and educational services of PPNYC.

Field Group
Members attend community events, health fairs, and festivals throughout the city to get the word out about PPNYC's health care services, advocacy, and political activities and to sign up new supporters.

Boot Camp Trainers
Boot Camp Trainers go through an in-depth training program so they can then train college students on reproductive health and rights issues and help them organize on campus.

Health Center Escorts
Health center escorts are trained to support patients at our health centers in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

2.jpgThe Activist Council is a great opportunity to make a difference, gain skills, and build your resume while meeting other fun, like-minded New York City pro-choice activists! To learn more about the Activist Council and its trainings, contact us at [email protected].

You can also sign up to be an eActivist by joining our Action Network!


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