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Project Street Beat

Project Street Beat is Planned Parenthood of New York City’s unique HIV prevention, risk reduction, and access-to-care program that serves women, men, and teens who live and work on New York City streets.  Traveling to Bronx, northern Manhattan, and Brooklyn neighborhoods in minivans and a mobile medical unit, our street outreach teams connect with the people who are at highest risk for HIV/AIDS.

Our clients include individuals who use intravenous drugs and other substances, are homeless, engage in commercial sex work, or have other circumstances that place them at increased risk. 

We use an innovative, targeted approach to outreach during day and night shifts, concentrating on the places where people hang out.  Our teams engage clients and provide services that help them make the transition from day-to-day survival to a safer, healthier lifestyle.

Services We Offer at No Cost to Our Clients

  • Basic survival needs – snacks, toiletries, male and female condoms, and clean syringes.
  • HIV testing and counseling that produces results in 20 minutes and detects HIV 7-10 days after infection.  
  • Client-centered counseling and service linkage that promotes HIV risk reduction behaviors. 
  • Harm reduction services including distribution and disposal of syringes, Opioid Overdose Prevention Training, and individual and group counseling about substance use.
  • Psychological individual and group counseling.
  • Evidence-based group interventions to reduce risk related to substance use and sexual behaviors, increase condom use and HIV knowledge, enhance coping skills, and improve decision making.
  • Support groups that focus on risk reduction, STI/HIV prevention, and living healthily with HIV/AIDS.  
  • Case management services including client advocacy, appointment escorting, sexual and substance use risk reduction counseling, psychosocial support, treatment adherence, and systems navigation/service coordination to address housing, entitlement, nutritional, mental health, and other needs. 
  • Medical services on our mobile medical unit and linkages to HIV medical care (see details below).

Keith Haring Foundation – Project Street Beat Mobile Medical Unit

Culturally competent clinicians and prevention staff take our mobile medical unit into the neighborhoods where it is most needed.  They provide primary health care services, testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, Hepatitis C testing/referrals for treatment, routine gynecological exams, contraception, pregnancy testing/referrals for services, and clean syringes.  

Linkage to HIV/AIDS Medical Care

We expedite linkage to medical care for individuals living with HIV/AIDS.  We collaborate with leading HIV medical care providers to arrange same-day appointments and coordinated care.  Clients receive transportation and escorts to medical appointments, education about HIV care, treatment adherence counseling, and connection to ongoing case management and supportive services – all with the aim of keeping these clients in care and healthy.    

For more information about Project Street Beat, call us at (212) 965-4885.

Project Street Beat's Offices:

349 East 149th Street, 3rd Floor
Bronx, NY 10451
Tel. (212) 965-4850    Fax (212) 965-4844   

1406 Fulton Street, 2nd Floor  
Brooklyn, NY 11216
Tel. (212) 965-4885    Fax (212) 965-6905

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Project Street Beat