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Planned Parenthood of New York City's communities include patients, program participants, sexuality educators, clinical experts, and advocates. Each has their own unique story, and each is a part of the PPNYC family. 

Karen Ortiz, Coordinator, Sex Ed for Adults

“I feel really grateful to be able to practice empathy in my work with others who have not had access to comprehensive sexuality education before. I love being able to answer questions that people have been embarrassed to ask before, or discuss topics they were ashamed to not already know. I know it’s so helpful, and breaks the cycle.”  

Sunny Soroosh, RN

“Our doors are always open to you - no matter where you come from, your immigration status, your gender, or your sexual orientation. We will never turn anyone away due to inability to pay. We will always figure out a way to help you. We have five health centers across New York City and we are here, ready to see you.”

Natarsha McQueen, PPNYC Patient Advocate

“Initial early detection of my breast cancer at Planned Parenthood of New York City led me to the doctors that saved my life. I caught it at Stage 1 - without PPNYC, I would not have caught it until it was much more advanced. I’m very grateful to them. Everyone I encountered at the health center during my treatment was so helpful, warm, and made me so comfortable. I felt at home there.”

Hope Anne Nathan, Patient Advocate

“When I first moved to New York, I didn’t have health insurance. I came to PPNYC - they treated me, helped me get medical assistance through the state, and they helped me get insured. Even when I eventually got a job and could go to private practice, I stayed with PPNYC - they just provided much better care. I have diabetes and my PPNYC doctors were so thorough in considering that and explaining how that affected my medications.”

Dennis Barton, Peer Educator, Adult Role Models Program

“The PPNYC Adult Role Models Program goes into the community and gives parents the tools to open lines of communication with their children. It’s so heartening to give back to your community in this way. I’m talking to parents just like myself. When someone tells me, ‘I used your tips and it made me closer to my child’, that’s what keeps me motivated. It makes me feel so good.”

Andrea Dora Smith, Patient Advocate

“Planned Parenthood of New York City provides everything you could ever imagine. When I walk in, I immediately feel supported and comfortable. I don’t feel judged. I feel taken care of. This place has your back and is here for you.”

Alexandra Cerda, PPNYC Adult Role Models Program Coordinator

“I was amazed when I first heard about this program. As a parent myself, I love that we have a program to encourage parents to talk to their children about sexuality. I use the tips from the program myself - and my child is very open with me, and we have these important conversations. What I find so meaningful in my work is being able to connect caregivers and parents to their children.”

Eli Szenes-Strauss, Director of Organizing and Political Affairs

"The work that I do at PPNYC gives me the chance to make sure that we elect people in New York City and state who think that the most important thing they can do is stand up for health care, health care access, and reproductive health care and justice. We don’t talk about it a lot, but the amount of people who go without this needed health care is stunning. We need a place where no matter what, you’re going to get the excellent care you need."

Maria Zepeda, Peer Advocate, Promotores de Salud Program

"My job is to reach the community in different places such as libraries, laundromats, and consulates. We focus on the Latin community, my community. We talk about our services and how to access Planned Parenthood." 

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