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You have questions. We have answers.

Planned Parenthood has been in the news a lot lately. You may be wondering if you can still come to us for care. The answer is YES!

It’s understandable that you may have some questions about Planned Parenthood being defunded, what Title X is, whether you can use your insurance, how you can get birth control, is abortion still available, and ways you can help Planned Parenthood. The main thing to know is that our health centers are open as usual, and staff are doing what they’ve always done; opening the health center doors and providing expert, affordable health care and accurate information to anyone who needs it.

Here are the answers to some common questions we’ve gotten from patients and supporters.

Q: What is Title X?

A: Title X is a federal grant program — one that PPNC participates in — that provides affordable birth control and reproductive health care for low income individuals. The program is available to help ensure that every person— regardless of where they live, their income, their background, or whether or not they are insured — has access to basic, preventive, reproductive health care, such as birth control, cancer screenings, STI testing, and treatment.

Q: What’s happening with Title X?

A: The Trump-Pence administration announced a new rule — commonly referred to as a “gag rule” — that would block Title X funding (federal funding for family planning services) from organizations, like us, that offer abortion services, referrals, or counseling.

Planned Parenthood knows that these changes to Title X are unacceptable and we will fight this rule in court. Here in New York, our state Leadership has promised that these new rules will not be implemented in NY, maintaining our state’s strong family planning program and ensuring New Yorkers can continue to access high-quality, low cost, and confidential care from Planned Parenthood and family planning providers across the state.

Q: What does this new rule actually mean?

A: The “gag rule” forces providers, like us, to give inaccurate and/or limited health care information to patients. Specifically, the new rule would prohibit doctors, nurses, hospitals, and community health centers from providing any information or talking to patients about abortion. Health care providers would not be able to answer questions about abortion — in essence, “gagging” us from giving patients
their full health care options. The new rule’s restrictions have the effect of making it impossible for millions of patients to get birth control or preventive care from reproductive health care providers like Planned Parenthood.

Again, we will not withhold information from our patients, and so, PPNC will stop participating in the Title X program.

Q: Can patients still get care and accurate information from Planned Parenthood of Nassau County?

A: Yes! Our doors will stay open to everyone. PPNC would never withhold critical information from our patients, and we will continue to provide the community with the full-range of reproductive health care services, including abortion.

Q: Is abortion still legal?

A: Yes, PPNC will continue to provide safe and legal abortion services, as well as information about all reproductive health care options. Planned Parenthood will continue to fight for everyone in our communities to have access to this important service when they need it.

Q: Is the Family Planning Benefit Program (FPBP) still available (The program known for providing free birth control to those who qualify)?

A: Yes, FPBP insurance for no-cost family planning services remains in effect and has not changed. For those who do not have insurance, they may be able to receive these services under New York State’s Family Planning Benefit Program if they are a NY resident, have no other health coverage for the family planning services they need, and meet specific income requirements.

Q: How can I get involved and help?

A. There is uncertainty ahead as anti-women’s health legislators target Planned Parenthood, but we will never stop fighting to protect access to the full range of care our patients depend on: affordable birth control, STI testing and treatment, cancer screening, and abortion.

Here are some ways you and our patients can take action and show support:


  • Donate! Our donations are a major part of what keeps our doors open. Anything helps. To donate, visit ppnc.org/donate.
  • Sign up online to volunteer with Planned Parenthood of Nassau County. Go to www.bit.ly/PPNCVols
  • Share your story. Tell us why you are a proud Planned Parenthood patient. Go to www.bit.ly/sharemystoryppnc
  • Stay politically aware and active with the Planned Parenthood of Nassau County Action Fund by following “Planned Parenthood of Nassau County Action” on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also visit our advocacy organization at: ppncaf.org

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