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Hempstead, NY — Today, the Senate voted to move forward with an effort to pass Trumpcare, which would repeal Obamacare and “defund” Planned Parenthood. Vice President Mike Pence, who authored the original legislation to “defund” Planned Parenthood as a congressman, had to cast the tie-breaking vote on the worst bill for women’s health in a generation.


The move came despite millions of people across the country — and thousands right here in Nassau County — expressing opposition and outrage at the various pieces of legislation that have been proposed.


Nationally, the legislation would leave tens of millions uninsured and prevent millions of people with Medicaid coverage from coming to Planned Parenthood health centers for basic, preventive care. Locally, the results would be just as devastating. In Nassau County alone, it has been estimated that more than 130,000 individuals would be left uninsured, and prevent those individuals from coming to their provider of choice — PPNC.


In response to this motion, tomorrow, PPNC and its volunteers will bus down to DC, joining thousands of others in opposition, protesting at the capitol and demanding that the Senate blocks this final bill.


Statement from JoAnn Smith, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Nassau County:


“This legislation completely and utterly disregards the millions of people whose lives depend on Medicaid and on Planned Parenthood. The Senate must listen to its constituents and reject this treacherous legislation, or they will be responsible for putting those millions of people’s lives at risk. We are calling on everyone who believes that health care is a right – not a privilege – to stand with us, stand for the people who rely on Medicaid and Planned Parenthood, and stand against Trumpcare. Now is the time: Call your Senator TODAY at 202-804-8210 and demand they oppose this final bill.”





Below are local impact topics that PPNC is uniquely qualified and prepared to address:


  • The devastating effects that the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and defunding Planned Parenthood will have on the people in Nassau County.
  • How the loss of access to preventive reproductive health care will result in a public health crisis and an economic burden.
  • PPNC’s role in reducing the rate of teen and unintended pregnancies, and the economic and public health impact of these downward trends. According to a 2016 Guttmacher Institute report, family planning services yield substantial government savings—$13.6 billion nationally in 2010, or $7.09 for every public dollar spent. The enactment of proposed American Health Care Act would jeopardize these economic gains.
  • Local economic impact of the impending repeal:  Nassau County stands to lose $17,866,829 in direct funding which “goes directly to counties and helps to lower property taxes” (Citation: Governor Cuomo Announces Impact of Potential Affordable Care Act in New York, January 4, 2017).
  • Governor Cuomo estimates that 133,000 Nassau residents would lose coverage under the proposed American Health Care Act.
  • How the repeal of the Affordable Care Act would be detrimental to citizens of Nassau most in need, including low-income families and young adults.


  • Federally Qualified Health Centers, which are operated by NuHealth, cannot manage the influx of patients that would result from Planned Parenthood being defunded. This scenario raises questions as to whether Medicaid costs will rise, and by how much, and whether the workload and costs of the County’s Department of Health will skyrocket.