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MAY 31, 2019

Contact: Saskia Thomson, [email protected]

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Attack Weaponizes Public Health

HEMPSTEAD, NY — Last week, Missouri Gov. Mike Parson signed one of the most restrictive bans on abortion in the country. This week, in a move that aims to harass and criminalize abortion providers, the Missouri Department of Health is planning to revoke the licensing of the last remaining abortion care provider in the state for reasons that are arbitrary and lacking medical merit. If this tactic is successful, today, on Friday, May 31st, Missouri will become the first state in the nation to go completely dark on abortion care — denying 1.1 million Missouri women of reproductive age access to safe and legal abortion.

This is far more than an attack on Missourians. It is part of a coordinated plan by those opposed to safe and legal abortion to overturn Roe v. Wade and cut off all access to abortion in the United States. Missouri joins states including, Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky and Mississippi (and possibly Louisiana today!) in passing extreme abortion bans. Many of these laws don’t include exceptions for rape or incest survivors. Others would jail doctors for offering their patients care.  

Statement from JoAnn Smith, President & CEO of Planned Parenthood of Nassau County

“Using “licensing” to circumvent legislative action and the will of the people is both sinister and unethical -- and if successful, sets a dangerous precedent of weaponizing Departments of Health. While we are grateful to live in New York, where our legislators protected abortion care through passage of the Reproductive Health Act, we cannot sit back while other states cut off access for millions. That’s why we are fighting back in the courts, on the streets, and across social media using #StopTheBans.

JoAnn Smith will be available for interviews upon request.