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PPNC raises awareness and mobilizes advocates for reproductive and social justice through several targeted advocacy groups.  

Generation Action Network

Through our Planned Parenthood Generation Action campus organizations, college students in Nassau County organize events on campus to raise public awareness about reproductive rights, educate young people about sexual health, promote the services available at Planned Parenthood's health centers, and mobilize advocates of reproductive freedom.

We also have a college student internship program.

Clergy for Choice

Members of Clergy for Choice believe there is a spiritual basis for reproductive freedom and strive to demonstrate that religious political extremists do not speak for all religions or all religious Americans.

Members also seek to educate the public about the historic and widespread support within the religious community for Planned Parenthood, family planning and the pro-choice position, as well as identify and encourage pro-choice clergy and people of faith to speak out.

Republicans for Choice

A substantial number of Republican voters favor a women's right to choose and support access to both comprehensive family planning and sexual health education. PPNC is excited to engage such Republicans in an effort to change the current paradigm.

Republicans for Choice can help organize fundraisers, participate in demonstrations, write letters to the editor or simply call local legislators.

For more information or to join any of these groups, call (516) 750-2600 or email [email protected]