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Can I get pregnant from precum?

Can I get pregnant from precum?

Teen Advocate, Shanelle, explains!



Your chances of getting pregnant from precum are pretty low. But it is possible.

Precum (also known as pre-ejaculate) is a small amount of fluid that comes out of the penis when you’re aroused, but before ejaculation happens. It doesn’t usually have any sperm in it. But some people’s precum does have a small amount of sperm in it sometimes. This means sperm can get into the vagina and possibly fertilize an egg.

There’s no way to know who has sperm in their precum and who doesn’t, so that’s one reason why the withdrawal method (pulling out) isn’t the best at preventing pregnancy.

If you don’t want to get pregnant, put on a condom before your genitals touch your partner’s. Even better, use both condoms and another kind of birth control together.

Safer Sex

Safer sex helps you stay healthy and can even make sex better.

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Talking to your partner

It can feel awkward to bring up safer sex, but it’s important. Talking about protecting each other shows you care, and it can even make your relationship better.

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Condoms, Barrier Methods

Condoms are thin, stretchy pouches that you wear on your penis during sex. Condoms provide great protection from both pregnancy and STDs. They’re easy to use and easy to get.

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Meet Shanelle!

My name is Shanelle 👋 I am a TAP Teen because I believe it is important for teens like myself to reach out to other teens to let them know the importance of their health when it comes to reproductive health. Fun fact about me: I love hbcu cheerleading 📣🎉

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