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The Friends of Planned Parenthood of Montana Board was established in 2005 in order to give an opportunity for alumni board members and others interested in our issues to stay or become involved with Planned Parenthood of Montana.  The Friends Board will not require a huge time commitment on your part.


Friends of PPMT receive information concerning issues affecting the health of women and their families across Montana via e-mail.

We send timely e-mails about important issues (approximately every couple months).  Links are provided when issues may call for communication with government representatives, etc.


There are many Friends of PP Boards across the country associated with other affiliates.  Each Board is unique in their purpose and goals and the Friends of PPMT groups are too.  If any of the Friends Board groups have particular areas of interests and the time available, there are projects we may want to pursue. 


Possibilities include:

- Select a “hot topic” to support such as comprehensive sex education in our public schools.  This might be accomplished by letter writing campaigns, speaking to school board members, etc.

- Choose a specific need to raise funds for… as a group.  For example, creating a free Pap Day, Teen education, Teen Board, Essure, Lores Fund, Sarah’s Circle, etc.


Our Friends mission statement is as follows:

To support and celebrate an organization that is leading the way in family planning, comprehensive sexuality education and ensuring reproductive freedom.  Our goal is to further enrich the relationships between all supporters of Planned Parenthood of Montana in an effort to support the vision to create a world in which the decision to bear children is private and voluntary, and where sexuality is expressed with honesty, equality and responsibility.


For more information, please contact [email protected].

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Join Our Friends Board