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Every year, thousands of teens come to Planned Parenthood Mohawk Hudson for health care services. 


Planned Parenthood respects your right to privacy. Under 18? No problem. New York state law allows anyone to consent to confidential reproductive/sexual health services. You do not need your parent’s or partner’s permission. They will not be told about the care you received, or that you are a Planned Parenthood patient.


Call for a same day or next day appointment. You can get most health services without an appointment at Planned Parenthood during walk-in hours. Patients are seen on a first come — first serve basis. This means that patients are seen in the order they come in. Hours and locations. 

Paying for your healthcare

We’ll work with you to make your healthcare as affordable as possible.

  • Most insurance plans and Medicaid accepted.
  • Payment plans and a sliding fee scale available.
  • Cash/checks and credit/debit cards accepted.

Insurance and Coverage Options

You can sign up for insurance at some Planned Parenthood centers. Just call and ask for an “insurance appointment.” 

Many patients qualify for the free Family Planning Benefit Program (FPBP). It is insurance that covers birth control, yearly exams, STI testing/treatment and other services – at no cost.

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Will my parent or partner find out if I go to Planned Parenthood?

Planned Parenthood never shares your health information — or even the fact that you are our patient —with anyone without your consent, regardless of your age.

We encourage minors to involve a parent or another responsible adult in decision-making regarding their sexual health and choices surrounding unintended pregnancies.

Please inform staff if you are concerned about confidentiality, so we can make necessary arrangements to notify you of test results or billing information.

I have insurance, but it’s through my parent or my partner. Will they find out about my visit?

Many insurance companies send an explanation of benefits (EOB) that list visit details. If you don’t want anyone to know about your visit, you do not have to use your insurance. We will not bill your insurance, so nothing will go to the person who pays for the insurance.

We may be able to help you sign up for free, confidential coverage in our health center to pay for your services.

I’m under 18 and I don’t have insurance. Will I have to pay for my visit?

Many patients qualify for the free Family Planning Benefit Program. Through this program you can get birth control, yearly exams, STI testing and treatment, and other services — at no cost.

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Teen Health Services