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No judgment. No assumptions. Just great health care. 

Routine medical care is important for staying healthy. Get the quality, confidential health services you need at a trusted and safe place. No assumptions, No judgment, Just great healthcare.


Hook Up With Us


Confidential Walk-In Care

You can get most health services without an appointment at Planned Parenthood. Patients are seen on a first come — first serve basis. This means that patients are seen in the order they come in.


Insured... Or not  We'll help you get the health care you need. We'll work with you to make your healthcare as affordable as possible. 


Plan On It  

Birth Control                   Emergency Contraception            Free Condoms

HIV counseling/testing    Pregnancy testing/counseling       Yearly exam

HPV vaccination             Sexual Assault Support Services   

Abortion services           STI testing/treatment                   Adoption services


Visit planonitorg.png for hours and more information on how to Hook Up with PPMH.

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Hook Up with PPMH