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Adoption Services

Pregnant? Considering adoption?

Talk to our adoption specialist at Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood now offers our patients enhanced adoption-related services. Together with the highly respected adoption agency Spence-Chapin, Planned Parenthood helps pregnant women who are considering adoption placement.

Learn more about how the adoption process has changed in recent years and the legal rights and responsibilities of involved parties.

Ask questions to decide if making an adoption placement is the right choice for you.

Like Planned Parenthood, Spence-Chapin supports a woman's right to change her mind and end the process at any time.

For more than 100 years the Spence-Chapin agency has placed infants and children with loving, nurturing adoptive families. A private, non-profit, accredited adoption agency, Spence-Chapin is located in New York City's Upper East Side. Since 1908 Spence-Chapin has placed over 18,000 children with adoptive families.

Through options counseling Planned Parenthood can help each pregnant woman make the best decision for herself. Adoption is one option. Planned Parenthood Mohawk Hudson patients may contact any of our health centers for more info.

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Adoption Services