Planned Parenthood

Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota

1982 - 1992

Clinics open in Little Falls, Fairmont, Virginia, Red Wing, Alexandria, and Hibbing.

Brooklyn Center clinic opens.

Burnsville Clinic opens.

A fire in the restaurant below the Virginia clinic forces the clinic to relocate. 

Moorhead and Grand Rapids clinics open.

In Hodgson vs. Minnesota, the US District Court rules Minnesota Parental Notification is unconstitutional, and Minnesota’s Parental Notification law is no longer in effect.  The District Court ruling is appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Karlstad referral program starts.

Highland Park clinic begins offering tubal ligation.

Minnesota legislature passes Fetal Disposal Bill.

Planned Parenthood Minnesota sues the state of Minnesota.

Operation Rescue is formally established.

Gag rule in final form.

US Supreme Court in Webster v. Reproductive Health Services upholds a Missouri law stating that “life begins at conception” and placing restrictions on access to abortion.  Court comes within one vote of overturning Roe v. Wade.

Planned Parenthood Minnesota Executive Director Tom Webber is attacked and injured in his office by an anti-choice extremist.

Choice Attitude Survey identifies 250,000 pro-choice supporters with the help of 10,810 volunteers.

The FDA approves Norplant for use in the United States after the World Health Organization heralds it as a breakthrough in contraception for women who want a dependable, long term method for preventing pregnancy.

U.S. Supreme Court rules in Hodgson v. Minnesota that Minnesota may require notification of both biological parents at least 48 hours prior to a minor's receipt of abortion care.  The parental notification law goes back into effect in Minnesota.

Minnesota Legislature passes the Nurse Practice Act, which allows Nurse Practitioners to prescribe contraceptives.

Planned Parenthood Minnesota opens its first South Dakota clinic in Sioux Falls.

Planned Parenthood Minnesota begins offering colposcopy services for women with abnormal pap smears.

Fetal Disposal Bill upheld by appeals court.

Choice Attitude Survey completed with help of 10,810 volunteers.

U.S. Supreme Court in Rust v. Sullivan upholds the constitutionality of the “Gag Rule,”  which prohibits doctors and counselors at clinics that receive federal funding from providing their patients with full information about all their legal pregnancy options, including information about and referrals for abortion.  Planned Parenthood Minnesota's Board of Directors passes a resolution saying it will not comply with the “Gag Rule”, even if it means the loss of federal funds.  President Bush begins the process of imposing the “Gag Rule” on Federal family planning funding by executive order.

$7.5 million Endowment Campaign is completed to provide for the long-term financial health of Planned Parenthood Minnesota.

Planned Parenthood Minnesota begins offering Norplant contraceptive.

Planned Parenthood Minnesota is granted a court injunction prohibiting protesters from blocking entrances and exits to the Highland Park clinic.

Minnesota Governor Arne Carlson increases Family Planning Special Projects funding by 100%, to $2 million a year.

Operation Rescue stages massive blockades on clinics in Wichita, Kansas.

Planned Parenthood Minnesota offers cryotherapy services.


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1982 - 1992