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Getting the information you need. Easily.

Everyone’s schedule is busy. So finding the time to take care of yourself can be difficult. That’s why Planned Parenthood offers a variety of ways to connect with us—online, on the phone or in person—we’re here to help.

Contraceptives & Prescriptions Filled On-site

If you need a prescription after your clinic visit, our staff can write and fill it at your visit before you leave — all in one step.

Online Services & Care

Existing patients can sign in or create a new Planned Parenthood Patient Portal (P4) account to refill a prescription or view lab results and medical records.

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Refill Center

Want your birth control prescriptions mailed directly to your doorstep? Call 1.855.831.6346 reach our prescription refill center and request this service today!

Patient Forms

Want to save some time during your appointment? You can speed up your visit by completing the necessary forms below and bringing them to your appointment.

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Patient Forms and Policies