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Concerned you may be miscarrying?

Miscarriages are extremely common. While there are many possible signs of a miscarriage, many of these same signs may be symptoms of something less serious. A Planned Parenthood health care provider can help you evaluate the health of your pregnancy. Call Patient Services at 888.251.8192 to speak with someone and set up an appointment. 

Miscarriage Symptoms

Vaginal bleeding or spotting with cramping, and lower-back ache or pressure, are commonly associated with miscarriage. However, these signs may be caused by other conditions. To be safe, you should make an appointment with our health care providers.

What to expect at your appointment.

A Planned Parenthood health care provider will discuss your medical history and perform an ultrasound to evaluate the pregnancy. If the ultrasound rules out a miscarriage, they can refer you for any follow up care, if necessary. If a miscarriage is confirmed, they will discuss your options.

Dealing with miscarriage.

Women working through miscarriage may experience a range and mix of emotions. Planned Parenthood health care providers offer supportive, expert reproductive care in a welcoming environment. Should you need it, they can provide information about when it would be best try again for a pregnancy or how to prevent pregnancy until you are ready.

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Our providers have the same training as primary care providers, plus specialized education in women's bodies and health. We're dedicated to the field of women's medicine and are on the leading edge of providing high quality care for women. We’ve been helping people of all ages for generations. We can help you, too.