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Parent Workshops


Planned Parenthood provides workshops that equip parents with information, skills, and comfort needed to discuss different sexuality topics with their children. Parent workshops are conducted with groups of parents for one or more sessions. Sessions are interactive with lots of opportunities to practice skills and ask questions.

Workshops usually include information, skills training, and comfort exercises pertaining to:

  • Typical development: What's happening when?
  • What kids should know and when they should know it
  • Clarifying and teaching your family's values
  • Understanding sexuality - what is sexuality?
  • Identifying "do's and don'ts" when talking with youth about sexuality
  • Getting comfortable answering difficult questions

Special Topics:

Workshops can also be tailored to fit group needs by including specific topics that are relevant to issues that their teens are facing. Topics include:

  • Understanding and explaining puberty changes
  • Identifying danger signs in unhealthy relationships
  • Discussing sexual decision-making (abstinence, safer sex, birth control)
  • Helping teens combat negative peer influence - refusal skills
  • Addressing the media influence on teen sexuality

To arrange a workshop, please contact our Education and Training Department:

Nashville area: 615.345.0952
Knoxville area: 865.231.9694

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