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What is the Family Planning Benefit Program (FPBP)?

FPBP is a New York State program that provides family planning benefits to men and women ages 10-64 with family incomes up to 200% of the federal poverty level.

For example, a single person (with no children) applying on his or her own can make up to more than $10/hour to qualify for FPBP. We strongly encourage you to call 845-562-7800 to make an appointment with PPMHV's trained staff in order to find out more.

How do I know if I'm eligible for FPBP?

PPMHV has trained staff in all PPMHV health centers. They can help determine if you are eligible for FPBP or other programs, and can help you fill out the application. To find out more, please call 845-562-7800 to make an appointment.

Where can I apply?

PPMHV has trained staff in our health centers. They can help you fill out a simple, confidential application or download one here in English or download one here in Spanish and bring with you when you come in for your appointment or walk-in visit. Call 845-562-7800 to make an appointment.

What documents do I need to bring in?

1. Photo ID (bring one): Driver's license, Passport, School ID, Other official photo ID
2. Proof of age (bring one): Birth certificate, Adoption or foster care records, Official hospital or school records
3. Proof of citizenship (bring one): Birth certificate, Passport, Naturalization certificate, INS form -- "Green" card
4. Proof of residency (dated within the last 6 months -- bring one): Photo ID with address; Postmarked envelope, magazine, etc.; Utility bill; Letter or lease agreement
5. Social Security Number: Preferably, bring your Social Security card, or at least bring your number
6. Proof of recent, monthly income (bring all that provide income for you):

  • One month's worth of recent, consecutive pay stubs for you or the person who financially supports you
  • Unemployment or Social Security award letter or check stub
  • Workers Compensation award letter or check stub
  • Child support or alimony letter or check stub
  • Letter from employer
  • Letter of support from the person who supports you financially
  • If a full-time student, program card or class schedule

7. Documentation of any child care expenses

You first must call 845-562-7800 to make an appointment with one of our trained staff. If you are unsure about whether you can obtain these documents, speak with PPMHV's trained staff.

Is my application confidential?

Yes. Your application for FPBP and all other programs is kept confidential. As always, any services you receive at PPMHV will also be kept confidential.

If I'm under 21, can I still apply on my own?

Yes. Adolescents (younger than 21 years of age) can apply for this program on their own. If you are under 21 years old, your eligibility will be based on your own income, not your parents' income. Even if you are living at home with family, their income is not included. You do not need to bring in any information related to their income. Your application will be kept confidential.

What if I have health insurance through my parents, but I don't want to use it. Can I still apply for FPBP?

Maybe. If you have commercial health insurance (i.e., Aetna, Oxford, etc.) through your parents or if you have Child Health Plus, but do not want to use it for confidentiality reasons, you can still apply for FPBP. Call 845-562-7800 to make an appointment to discuss this option.

What happens if I don't qualify for the program?

If you don't qualify for FPBP or decide not to apply, you may still be able to use PPMHV's free or low-cost services.

How will I know when my coverage starts?

If you qualify, you will get a New York State Family Planning Benefit Program card that covers family planning services at any NYS Program provider or pharmacy. Bring this card with you when you go for your family planning visit or when you pick up your birth control at the pharmacy. If you are approved for the program, you will receive this card in about four to six weeks.

What's covered?

All types of birth control
Emergency contraception and follow-up
Pregnancy testing and counseling
Male and female sterilization
STD counseling and testing
HIV counseling and testing 

What is not covered?

Abortion services and pregnancy services are not covered under this program (see "What happens if I become pregnant?" below). Other services that are not family planning-related, such as dental care, are also not covered under FPBP.

Where can I get services?

Once you are enrolled in FPBP, you can visit any NYS Program provider for family planning and GYN services. There is no limit to the number of visits. Your visit will be covered as long as the provider offers family planning services and accepts the NYS Program.
You will not have to pay when you go to the pharmacy for your birth control prescriptions (including the birth control patch, condoms, and emergency contraception) as long as the pharmacy accepts the NYS Program.

Do I need approval from a plan or a referral from my primary doctor?

No. You do not need a referral. There are no managed health care plans attached to FPBP, so you don't have to join a plan. FPBP covers family planning services at any NYS Program provider and birth control at the pharmacy.

How long does the FPBP coverage last?

If you qualify, you will be covered for family planning and GYN benefits for a full year, and then you can re-certify.

What happens if I become pregnant?

FPBP does not cover abortion services or prenatal care. However, our trained staff can help you enroll in another NYS Program that does cover abortion services and all pregnancy-related services. To find out more, please call 845-562-7800 to make an appointment.