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You may want to choose permanent birth control/sterilization. Permanent birth control is life-long protection against pregnancy. Permanent birth control does not affect sexual pleasure or the ability to perform sexually and has no lasting side effects.

NOTE: Permanent birth control does not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). If you or your partner has other sexual partners, you should still use a condom to prevent infections even after you have had a sterilization procedure.

Male Permanent Birth Control

Vasectomy is a permanent birth control procedure for males. Vasectomies block the two tubes that carry sperm. Pregnancy cannot happen when sperm cannot reach an egg. To decide if a vasectomy is right for you, get more information.

We are not currently offering vasectomy procedures but hope to resume doing so soon. To find vasectomy resources near you, call us at 734-926-4800 (option1) and we can assist you.

How much does a vasectomy cost?

Medicaid and many other insurance companies pay for vasectomy procedures. We are happy to verify if your insurance carrier covers a vasectomy. If you are interested in a vasectomy, please call us for pricing information at 734-926-4800 and select option1.