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Birth Control Training Kit



Item#: EDU0001

Cost: $125.00



Each Contraception Kit includes the Following


    • Assortment of male condoms (total of ten condoms)
    • (2) Female condoms
    • One vaginal ring
    • A Ortho Vera picture (laminated)
    • One intrauterine contraceptive (Paragaurd)
    • One packet of oral contraceptive pills
    • One packet of emergency contraceptive "plan B  (pill removed)
    • (2) dental dams
    • (2)water based based lubricants
    • One plastic speculum
    • One packet of cycle beads
    • One Today Sponge
    • A syringe (Depo Shot)
    • (2) VCF spermicidal films
    • Also included are a variety of educational brochures:  
    • STI facts
    • Male and female condom use
    • Birth Control methods
    • Emergency Contraception
    • Cycle Beads app info



*Please note that while we try to include every item in the kit it may be necessary to substitute product information at the time of an order if sample is unavailable. All items in our kit are samples and not suitable for patient use.

This kit was designed for professionals providing instructions on cantraception control options. This comprehensive teaching kit allows you to cutomize your presentation or class according to the age and comfort level of your audience, in order to make your instructional sessions interactive and a “hands-on” learning experience.

All contents are inactive samples of birth control methods and are for demostration purposes only. They are not intended for and should not under any cirmsumtaces be used for the prevention of pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.

We suggest you use PPMW’s Contraceptive Kit with the Penile Model.

*Please allow 4-6 weeks to ship.

Contact PPMW at [email protected] if you have any questions or would like additional information on this items or our education programs. Invoices can also be requested. 






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Birth Control Training Kit