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For Teens

PPMW's Teen Clinic is the centerpiece of our successful outreach and education efforts in our community.The DC Teen Clinic in Northeast Washington helps young people prevent teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections and promote healthy relationships and lifestyles.

Our teen clinic represents a safe haven for these teenagers, where they gather in increasing numbers to access free, teen-friendly, and confidential reproductive healthcare information. PPMW staff answer their questions with medically accurate information, combating the inaccuracies they hear on the playground or in the lunchroom.

Through our efforts, thousands of teens receive valuable education on abstinence and contraception and information on relationships, self-esteem, and anger management.

Ophelia Egypt Clinic - Tuesdays Are For Teens
PPMW's DC Teen Clinic is held every Tuesday from 4:006:00 pm at the Ophelia Egypt Health Center in Northeast Washington. Please call to confirm when these extended hours are available. At the Teen Clinic, PPMW provides free services and a teen-friendly environment for young men and women in Wards 5, 7 and 8. Our services focus on teen pregnancy prevention, including education about and promotion of Emergency Contraception (EC), birth control, abstinence-based life skills education and other peer-led education sessions.

Ophelia Egypt Program Center
The Ophelia Egypt Program Center provides a safe haven for teens and young adults in Wards 7 and 8. PPMW's Teen Program Center offers a wide array of after-school programs, in addition to our "Tuesday Are For Teens" Teen Clinics and daily Youth Peer Leadership activities. These activities allow us to reach at-risk youth and recruit neighborhood teens to participate in our Teen Clinic, Youth Peer Leadership program and Ophelia Egypt Health Center.

Ophelia Egypt Program Center
3933 Minnesota Avenue, NE
Washington, DC 20019
202.399.5036 (phone)
202.399.5049 (fax)

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For Teens