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Workshops & Seminars
To schedule a workshops or seminars listed below, please contact PPMW's Education Department at [email protected]

Sexuality and Life-skills Education for Youth
PPMW educators bring a wide range of comprehensive, medically accurate, interactive educational programs to your school, community based organization or faith-based setting. PPMW offers accessible sexual health education that helps young people make decisions that support their ability to lead healthy lifestyles. We meet young people where they are in their lives, so our program designs range from reinforcing the need to abstain from sex to protecting against sexually transmitted infections, HIV and teenage pregnancy.

Select from the following topics or request other topics based on the needs, age and "risk level" of your youth:

  • Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy
  • Puberty Changes
  • Choices and Consequences Sexual decision making
  • Sexual Health and Sexual Behavior
  • Birth Control and Communication Skills
  • STIs Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Safer Sex and Condoms
  • Accessing Sexual and Reproductive Health Services
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Courtship and Dating/Relationships
  • Peer Pressure
  • Conflict Management
  • LifeSkills Training

Hispanic Initiative (Abriendo Caminos)
The "Abriendo Caminos" (Opening Passageways) program is designed to bridge the cultural gaps that hinder Hispanics from receiving reproductive healthcare. Our bilingual educators work in the community to make reproductive health information and resources available, including bilingual medical services, literature, and education services. Additionally Abriendo Caminos provides culturally competent education programs to schoools, community-based organizations, and professionals through trainings and workshops. For more information, please contact our Hispanic Initiative
Coordinator at 202.497.4173.

Training for Professionals
PPMW serves as an educational and informational resource for clinicians, physicians, school nurses, social workers, educators and mental health workers providing services in schools, colleges or community settings.

PPMW trains professionals working with young people to provide factual information and effective guidance on important issues affecting their lives. Our objective is to provide youth-serving and health professionals with the skills, expertise, and comfort necessary to better address sexuality related concerns with their students, clients or patients.

Topics include:

  • Teaching Safer Sex
  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention
  • Abortion
  • Politics and History of Reproductive Rights
  • Contraceptive Update
  • Puberty

Real Talk for Parents
Parents are the most important sexuality educators in their child's life and in acknowledgement of the importance of the parent-child relationship in the development of adolescents into mentally and physically healthy adults. PPMW offers workshops to parents on how to communicate effectively with their children about sex and sexuality.

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Community Education