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Sexuality Education
Our team of trained educators will visit your class, group, or organization to teach youth ages 11 to 19, parents, or other adults about healthy sexuality and responsible decision-making. We can provide workshops on many topics, covering no more than two (2) topics per one-hour session. 

Workshop Topics:

Male and female anatomy and physiology
Birth control and safer sex
HIV/AIDS and other STDs
Communication and dating skills
Sexual decision-making
Sex and the media (including the Internet)
Health and human sexuality
Healthy relationships
Planned Parenthood services

Planned Parenthood helps parents teach their children how to make responsible choices about sex. Most parents want to teach their values to their children and want to be their children's main source of information about sex, but most parents want help.

Planned Parenthood, supports comprehensive sex education in the schools to complement what parents can teach at home.

When Teens are Given Honest Information, They Make Responsible Choices.

Schools can help all students with a balanced approach that teaches delaying intercourse along with facts about contraception.

In recent years, condom use has risen and the rate of teen sexual activity has dropped. The result is a welcome decrease in teen pregnancy and teen births. Eighty percent of the decline in teen pregnancy is a result of more effective contraceptive use and about 20% is a result of delayed sexual activity.

Most Adults Believe Responsible Sex Education is Important.

Elected officials opposed to sex education are out of touch with the views of the vast majority of adults. According to the most recent polling, 84% of voters support required sex education in school. Only 19% support "abstinence-only" education.

Recent declines in rates of pregnancies and abortions are directly linked to effective programs like America's family planning program, Title X, and to medically accurate, comprehensive sex education.

Programs teaching about delaying intercourse, safer sex and decision-making are the most effective. Abstinence-only-until-marriage programs actually can be harmful and there is virtually no evidence that they are effective. When it comes to information about sex and birth control, the most recent polling data show that 57% of teens say 'adults tell teenagers things when it's too late.' Almost half say they don't have enough information about how to use or where to get birth control. Fewer than 3% of parents choose not to allow their children to receive sex education in school, when given the option.