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Women's Leadership Circle

The Women's Leadership Circle is a group of women dedicated to supporting Planned Parenthood's mission and services openly and without apology, and donating a minimum of $1,000 annually to Planned Parenthood Greater Memphis Region. 

Founded in 2014, the Women's Leadership Circle currently has 133 members. In the past year, WLC events included a private call with Planned Parenthood Federation of America President, Cecile Richards, a "Raise Your Glass and Support" cocktail reception, and more. If you would like to join this outstanding and generous group of women leaders in our community, please contact Grace Weil at [email protected].


Women's Leadership Circle as of March 2017

Carol Barnett, Chair*

Tracy Adkisson

Mari Askew

Carol Barnett

Phyllis Berz

Ashley Bonds

Nora Boone

Ruby Booth

Marietta Burleigh*

Terrell Carpenter

Elizabeth Cawein

Dr. Cathy M. Chapman*

Susan Chase*

Ashley Coffield*

Carol Coletta

Katherine Connell*

Kim Cox*

Faye Daniel*

Barbara Feibelman

Martha Fogelman*

Maria Fuhrmann

Desi Franklin

Emily Gay*

Gail George*

Kathy Gibson*

Jill Giles

Liz Gilliland*

Lucia Gilliland*

Kathryn Gilliland*

Martha Goldstein*

Angela Good*

Donna Goodman*

Laura Goodman-Bryan*

Susan Graber

Martha Graber

Sheril Greenstein

Holly Hagan*

Lisa Harris*

Grace Harwood

Ann Hawkins*

Adrienne Hertz*

Judy Horner

Amy Howe*

Buzzy Hussey

Barbara Hyde*

Kay Jackson

Natalie Jalenak

Dr. Lisa Jennings*

Cathleen Johansen

Dr. Rose M. M. Johnston*

Anne Jones*

Happy Jones*

Dottie Jones

Gayden Jones

Phyllis Kaplan*

Cheryl Kaplan*

Carol Katz*

Dorothy Kirsch*

Shirley Klass*

Meryl Klein

Mickey Klenz

Ellen Klyce

Barbara Lapides

Aimee Lewis*

Laura Linder

Joanna Lipman

Barbara Loevy

Mary Loveless*

Alla Lubin

Amy Lunati*

Shirley Lupfer*

Perre M. Magness*

Evelyn Makowsky

Susan Mallory*

Sylvia Marks*

Beverly Marrero

Eugenia McGown

Michelle N. Miller

Mary Jo Miller

Snow Morgan*

Susan Moskop*

Lane Moten

Krista Pennie Myers

Lynn Nelson

Barbara Newman*

Dr. Linda Nichols*

Kathryn Pascover*

Lori Patton

Lynnefer Perry*

Dr. Owen Phillips*

Molly Quinn

Virginia Ralston*

Robin Rasmussen*

Brenda Reed*

Mary Relling

Dr. Trish Ring*

Judy Ringel*

Beverly Robertson

Elizabeth Ryan*

Diane Sachs*

Sherry Samuels

Betsy Saslawsky

Tami Sawyer

Debby Schadt*

Mary Scharff*

Laury Scharff

Suzanne Scharff*

Miska Shaw

Susanna Shea

Betty Louis Sheppard*

Carolyn Shirkey

Linda Sklar

Dr. Lesley Snelling

Jackie Solmson

Anna Bess Sorin*

Cynthia H. Spangler*

Gretchen Stroud

Margaret Tanner*

Carole Troutt

Jeanne Varnell*

Carmine Vaughn

Dr. Sarah Wallett

Katherine Warren*

Molly Wexler

Susan Whitten

Andrea Wiley

Molly Willmott

Martha Asbury Wilson*

Jocelyn Dan Wurzburg*

Sharon Younger

Lyn Yukon*

Audrey Zucker-Levin*


*denotes founding members

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Women's Leadership Circle