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Planned Parenthood Educators: Implementing Sex EducationOutreach and Education Services

PPGMR Educators run free programs and health screenings all year long. Need to get an HIV test, but can't make it into our Health Center? Want an Educator at your community event giving out information? Want someone to come and do a class for your church youth group? Afraid to talk to your kids about sex and want some expert guidance? Want to schedule a workshop? Our educators are here for you!

PPGMR offers the following programs:

  • For college students - Sexperts
  • For high school students - JustUs
  • For middle school students - Intro to Sexual Health
  • For parents - Parent info session 

More details about the programs PPGMR offers are listed below:



For: College students

Sexperts is a sexual health peer education program for college students. The training is a fun, comprehensive and equips young adults to be leaders among their peers and friends in sexual health education. After going through 8 hours of training, Sexperts are expected to implement programs and events on their campus and in the community after the training.

During the training session, Sexperts Peer Educators get hands-on, interactive instruction in:

  • Healthy Sexuality
  • Anatomy
  • Reproduction and Pregnancy Prevention
  • Communication Skills
  • Gender and Orientation
  • Abstinence
  • Safer Sex
  • STDs
  • Campus Organizing

To register for this class, you must be:

  • A currently-enrolled college student who has completed at least two semesters,
  • A resident of or enrolled in a college or university in West Tennessee,
  • Crittenden County, Arkansas, or North Mississippi,
  • Excited about sharing sexual health info on your campus!

If you want to attend this training, but your campus is more than an hour's drive away from Memphis, you may call us to schedule a training at your school. 

To register, please print out and complete the pdf registration form and return it via fax or email to the contact information at the bottom of this page. 



For: High school students

Teens have a right to honest, accurate information about sex and relationships. When they have and share accurate sexual health information and knowledge, they help not only themselves, but their friends, their siblings, and our community as a whole. JustUs is a peer education program of Planned Parenthood Greater Memphis Region, dedicated to providing honest, comprehensive information about sexual health. JustUs educates and empowers teens age 15 to 18 to take ownership of their community and serve as knowledgeable leaders for their peers. 

After the core training, JustUs leaders will enter a community of educated, engaged, motivated teens working to ensure that their peers have the information and resources to avoid STIs, HIV, and pregnancy. JustUs teens have unique opportunities to work at the local and national level on sexual and reproductive health issues.

JustUs includes training on:

  • Comprehensive Sex Education
  • Public Speaking and Leadership
  • Public Policy
  • Community Organizing

JustUs is designed for teens, but supports parents, too. Every parent who signs up a teen for JustUs gets access to an educator during the program to make sure they are prepared. The educator makes sure parents:

  • Know what their teens are learning
  • Are prepared for questions and comments teens may have
  • Are supported in communicating their family values with their teens

To become a JustUs peer educator, teens must be between the ages of 15 and 18, must complete a training course, and must have a signed permission slip from a parent or guardian. 

Watch this video created by JustUs peer educators!


Intro to Sexual Health

For: Middle school students

This is an introduction to sexual health terminology and concepts. Youth will be given an age appropriate overview of sexual health. The goal is to help them become comfortable and understand the changes that are going on with their bodies.


Questions about any of our programs? Contact Youth Educator Ashley Jones at (901) 725-3016 or [email protected].

Just need a quick answer? Check out our database of Health Topics.


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