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Free Condoms Memphis

Condoms are FREE at convenient locations all over Memphis and Shelby County!

Free Condoms Memphis
has more than 60 convenient locations all around Memphis and Shelby County that make condoms available for free! Find a site near you with our condom site locator.

Traditional "male" or external condoms are a great way to protect yourself and your partner against HIV and STDs, but they are not the only protection method available. Free Condoms Memphis is committed to giving Memphians access to ALL the tools available to protect against HIV and STDs. That's why we now have designated "Gold Star" condom distribution sites.

Gold Star sites are Free Condom distribution locations that always have a wide variety of personal protection options, including: 

  • Condoms - regular "male," or external condoms
  • Female Condoms - Also know as FCs or internal condoms
  • Dental Dams - Sheets of latex used as barriers
  • Lubricants - Latex-friendly lubricants help protect condoms from breaking or tearing

Drop by one of the Gold Star sites below to stock up on these tools that help you protect yourself and your partner:

Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community Center: 892 So. Cooper St., 901-278-6422
Peggy's Salon: 4323 So. 3rd St., 901-785-6489
South Memphis Alliance: 1046 So. Bellevue Blvd., 901-774-9582
Planned Parenthood Greater Memphis Region: 2430 Poplar Ave., 901-725-1717
Pro Auto Detail: 4095 Jackson Avenue, 901-552-3629
Visions of Beauty: 2540 Frayser Blvd., 901-354-0490
Trenia's Beauty Salon: 2753 Park Avenue, 901-323-9189
Vibe Barber College: 623 Chelsea Avenue, 901-578-3995

Free Condoms Memphis is committed to educating everyone in Memphis and the Mid-South about condom use and safer sex. To request materials, including educational pamphlets or free bulk condoms, or to request a speaker, please contact: 

Planned Parenthood Greater Memphis Region
Attn: Education Department
Office: 901-725-3019
Fax: 901-274-1660
Email: [email protected]

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Free Condoms Memphis