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Even though a huge majority of Americans support family planning, real sex education, and reproductive freedom, hundreds of laws are proposed each year at the state and national level that would restrict your rights. In order to keep ourselves and our families safe and healthy, we need to take action!

What You Can Do

  1. Sign-up for the Planned Parenthood Action Network! Our free email-based system keeps you up-to-date on key votes on Beacon Hill and Capitol Hill and allows you to voice your opinion to your legislators with just the click of a mouse. Once you join, ask 10 friends to join!

  2. Contact your Legislators! The responsibility of your elected officials is to represent your interests but they cannot do that unless they hear from you. Find out who your state and federal legislators are and contact them via phone, letter or email.

  3. Write a letter to the editor: One of the most efficient and effective ways to advocate for reproductive health care is through writing a letter to the editor. Such letters reflect the opinion of the community and are one of the most widely read sections of the newspaper.

  4. Are you a college student? PPLM's VOX (Voices for Planned Parenthood) chapters unite college students across the state to organize events on campus and raise public awareness about reproductive health care, educate young people about sexual health and work with and support our health centers. Join your campus group, or start a group on your campus! Contact us at (617) 616-1660 x1692 or [email protected] for more information.

  5. Donate: PPLM could not exist without the generous support of individuals throughout Massachusetts. Contribute online today!

  6. Volunteer or intern at PPLM: Volunteers are involved in every facet of PPLM's work, from building grassroots support for our legislative priorities, to assisting in our health centers and providing direct services to our clients.
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Take Action in Massachusetts