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Peer Education 

The Get Real Teen Council 

In 2013, Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts launched its newest education program, the Get Real Teen Council (GRTC).

If you are interested in applying for the GRTC please fill out the application form at the bottom of this page. 

About the GRTC 

Get Real Teen Council Mission and Philosophy

The GRTC empowers teenagers to educate their peers, families, and communities about human sexuality and healthy decision making and inspires teens to use their voices to advocate for just and positive sexual attitudes and policies.  The vision of the GRTC is to provide accurate, unbiased, and useful sexuality education; to end ignorance, promote acceptance, and improve communication between teens and the important people in their lives.

What do Get Real Teen Council members do?

With programs in Boston and Central MA, GRTC members are educators and representatives of Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts. These high school youth are trained by expert PPLM staff to facilitate workshops and trainings for their adolescent peers, health care professionals, and parents. 

Among other things, GRTC members:

• Provide thousands of their peers with accurate non-judgmental information every year
• Publicly advocate for sexual health issues  
• Train health care professionals to provide culturally competent care to adolescent patients and improve the overall delivery of sexual health to adolescent patients 
• Offer information and resources about sexual health services to their peers, families and communities 

Interested in joining the Get Real Teen Council? 

Students interested in joining the GRTC must be:
• Entering 10th, 11th or 12th grade in September of the school year for which they are applying
• Able to attend all weekly meetings
• Interested in learning about/teaching others about sexual health topics
• Interested in learning about/teaching others about social justice issues
• Able to demonstrate respect for diverse opinions, beliefs and values
• Able to balance school, GRTC and any other extra-curricular activities
• Able to commit to a 3-day retreat prior to the start of the school year and weekly meetings starting in September
• Able to make at least a one-year commitment to the GRTC

For more information about the Get Real Teen Council: 


Email Us

Apply to the GRTC! 

If you are interested in being a member of the GRTC please apply below! 

Interested in bringing the Get Real Teen Council to your school, youth program, or health care facility for a workshop or training?

Email Us

Apply to be part of the Get Real Teen Council

Including Street, Apt # if applicable,City/Town, Zip Code

This should be an adult in your life, who is not related to you – a teacher/counselor/coach etc. – that has worked with you/knows you well

We just want to get to know you a little bit. All creative options are equally valued.

Reminder: Members are expected to attend weekly meetings and be available to present workshops in both school and after-school/weekend settings.