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A New Year Potpourri of Family Communication Highlights

Everything Possible

A recent Boston Gay Men’s Chorus performance in Boston included one of their annual favorites, Everything Possible, written by Reverend Fred Small.  It’s a loving ode from parent to child that everything in life is possible, including loving who we choose.  Click here to watch the video and view the lyrics here.

Talking to Kids About Sex

Actor Mae Whitman (The Duff, Parenthood) talks with her mom about the importance of parent-child communication around sex and relationships in this honest video.  This short film is part of a partnership between Refinery 29 and Planned Parenthood called Her Shorts, a series of short films told through a comedic or dramatic lens that focus on reproductive and sexual health issues.

Raising a Transgender Child From a Mother’s Perspective

Jodie Patterson is a mother of five, including one 8-year-old transgender boy.  Patterson decided to share her family's story with Cosmopolitan.com because she “realized that gender politics is no longer a private conversation and people are dying over it," she says. "Until that changes, it's important to speak out.  All the evils — racism, genderism, all the isms — rely on silence. So in order to push social change, we need to speak up." Watch the video to see how Patterson plans to help Penel through puberty, her hopes for his future, and the most moving lessons she's learned from her transgender son.

Research Supports Why Parents Should Have Talks about Sex with Their Children

New research shows that adolescents who have talked to their parents about sex are more likely to use condoms and birth control. The finding stems from a large analysis of adolescent health research, based on more than 50 studies involving 25,314 teens over the course of 30 years, and published online in JAMA Pediatrics.  “The take home message is that parents do matter, and these conversations do matter,” said Laura Widman, lead author of the new paper and an assistant professor of psychology at North Carolina State University in Raleigh.  Click here to read coverage in The New York Times.

Planned Parenthood League of MA Has A New President

In case you haven’t heard the excellent news, PPLM is excited to have Dr. Jennifer Childs-Roshak serve as our new President and Chief Executive Officer.  As the former Regional Medical Director for Atrius Health and a primary care physician since 1993, Jennifer brings with her a wealth of expertise in the health care system, expanding access to care, and serving underserved communities.  Jennifer’s impressive knowledge of the health care system and her passion for reproductive health and rights make her the perfect fit to lead an organization that is both a high quality provider, educator, and also the state’s leading women’s health advocate.   With Jennifer’s leadership, we know we’re positioned to keep doing what we do best: provide high quality, nonjudgmental health care and education to women, men, and young people across Massachusetts – no matter what. Stay connected to our new President and PPLM’s work by following her on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrJenCR.