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Typical Questions from Youth

Children are naturally very curious about their bodies and how they work. As they approach puberty they want and need all the facts about menstruation, wet dreams, and other signs of maturing including information regarding sex and reproduction. They want to know about sexual and social relationships. They need to know about sexually transmitted infections, contraceptive methods, and the consequences of the choices that they make. Youth in this age group typically worry a lot about whether they are “normal.” Boys may worry about their penis size and girls may worry about their breast size. It is important to reassure children that no two people are the same and that it is absolutely normal to be different from one another! While we want to help pre-teens “fit in” with their peers, at the same time we want to encourage them to think for themselves and not get carried away by the crowd. Listed below are some actual questions asked by middle school students through Anonymous Question Boxes we use in our Planned Parenthood classes. Practice how you might answer if your child asked you any of these questions!

Anatomy and Physiology

  • When does puberty stop? Does it ever?
  • What is the average size of a penis?
  • When a girl is at the age when a boy gets pubic hair, what happens to the girl?
  • How old is a female when she loses her egg cells?
  • How hairy can the vagina get?
  • When do girls first start having their periods? Why do they have a period?
  • How much sperm does a boy produce a day?
  • Where do girls pee out of?
  • Why do girls grow breasts and how come some breasts stay small?


  • When you have sex do you have to use more than one condom?
  • Do condoms always protect from getting a disease?
  • Could condoms tear?


  • What was the youngest girl to have a baby?
  • If you smoke when you are pregnant what will happen to the baby?

Sexual Behavior

  • Is sex fun?
  • Even if you think you are ready, how do you know that you really like the person enough to have sex with them?
  • When a man puts his penis in a women’s vagina can he urinate?
  • Is oral sex healthy if there are no diseases involved?
  • Can boys and girls have wet dreams?
  • Can you have sex with people younger than you?
  • Who invented sex?
  • Do you have to take off all your clothes to have sex?
  • What happens if a girl swallows semen?
  • What do women do when they get horny?
  • I know someone who always talks about sex, is she ready?
  • How come guys always try to flirt with girls?
  • Why do boys masturbate? Can girls masturbate?

Sexual Orientation

  • How do gay parents have babies or sex?
  • How do two women have sex?
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Typical Questions from Youth