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The Importance of Parents as Primary Sexuality Educators

Being a parent is a challenge like no other, especially when it comes to helping young people to grow up healthy and responsible and capable of close, respectful, and intimate relationships. Talking with your children about sex and sexuality is not an event, but a life process. Do the best that you can as your child’s primary sexuality educator:

  • Because your children love you and want you to talk with them about sexuality.
  • Because your children will get sexuality information from many places. It’s your job to interpret, affirm, and correct the information.
  • Because young people deserve the facts and honest answers from adults who care about them.
  • Because hearing the facts presented in a loving, non-judgmental way and being able to make good decisions makes young people better able to avoid negative peer pressure, manipulation, and sexual exploitation.
  • Because your individual values, attitudes and beliefs are important for your children to understand.
  • Because research supports the fact that teens say it would be easier to postpone sexual activity if they were able to talk more openly about sex with their parents.
  • Because when parents talk with their children and respect them, they have stronger relationships with their children.

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The Importance of Parents as Primary Sexuality Educators