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Annapolis, MD - Monday, April 9, 2012 marked the end of the 430th Maryland Legislative Session, and Planned Parenthood of Maryland (PPM) is celebrating the defeat of four bills that would have added medically unnecessary restrictions on abortion.

Pregnancy Outcomes - Confidential Statistical Reporting Requirements (HB 967 and SB 427), would have required that abortion providers report information about each abortion to the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, a measure that would create significant concerns about confidentiality for women seeking abortion services, and their providers.

Health - Medical Procedures - Ultrasound Options (SB 583) would have required physicians to offer a viewing of any ultrasound performed to a woman prior to an abortion, inappropriately legislating clinical protocols with the intent to intimidate women.

Maryland Health Benefit Exchange - Abortion Coverage – Prohibition (SB 590), would have prohibited insurers from providing abortion coverage on the State Health Benefit Exchange, creating barriers to women seeking the full range of reproductive health services by prohibiting individuals or employers from using their own funds to purchase abortion coverage.

“We are proud to be in a state that still protects access to reproductive health services, but we know that we cannot, and will not, let our guard down,” states PPM Lobbyist, Robyn Elliott, in the wake of highly restrictive abortion laws recently passed in both Virginia and Pennsylvania.

“Maryland will continue to be a state which values the health and reproductive rights of all women and men. In Maryland, we are standing firm to ensure that abortion and contraception services remain accessible.” Elliott states.


The mission of Planned Parenthood of Maryland is to enable all Marylanders to have access to a wide range of high quality affordable reproductive health care services. By providing medical services, education, training and advocacy, PPM seeks to help individuals make informed decisions about their reproductive health, family planning options and sexuality.


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