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Planned Parenthood Federation of America president Cecile Richards released the following statement hailing tonight’s announcement by the Obama Administration that they are dropping their appeal to a court ruling this April lifting the age and point of sale restrictions on emergency contraception:

“This is a huge breakthrough for access to birth control and a historic moment for women’s health and equity. The FDA’s decision will make emergency contraception available on store shelves, just like condoms, and women of all ages will be able to get it quickly in order to prevent unintended pregnancy.
“Emergency contraception is a safe and effective form of birth control that can prevent pregnancy if taken within five days of unprotected sex. Planned Parenthood’s 750 health centers nationwide serve nearly three million patients a year, and we know firsthand how critical this decision is for women who need to prevent pregnancy if they have unprotected sex, or if they are sexually assaulted, or if another form of birth control fails. 
“We encourage manufacturers of emergency contraception to request new labeling quickly and for the FDA to approve all such applications immediately to finally make this birth control option available without restrictions.”

“For over 85 years, Planned Parenthood of Maryland has worked to reduce unintended pregnancy and keep women and families healthy,” added Jenny Black, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Maryland. “Every day, we provide high quality, affordable health care that helps Maryland families decide when and whether to grow.  Our services prevent an estimated 5,009 unintended pregnancies and approximately 2,103 abortions every year.”  She continued, “Emergency contraception works best when taken early.  This improved access means that women of all ages can find emergency contraception when they need it - not days later after hunting down a prescription.  Improved access to contraception has long been shown to reduce unintended pregnancies.  That’s great news.”



Planned Parenthood of Maryland, Inc.



The mission of Planned Parenthood of Maryland is to enable all Marylanders to have access to a wide range of high quality affordable reproductive health care services. By providing medical services, education, training and advocacy, PPM seeks to help individuals make informed decisions about their reproductive health, family planning options and sexuality.


Planned Parenthood of Maryland, Inc.



Allie Stehlin

Communications Coordinator




June 11, 2013