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B'more for Healthy Babies


Interested in a FREE Weight Watchers Program that includes exercise, childcare, and transportation?


If you live in Baltimore City, are overweight, and have a child under the age of 3 you may qualify for the B'more Fit program. Meetings are held in Upton Druid Heights, Park Heights, and Patterson Park (Spanish speaking). Check out this website for more information.

Being healthy before you get pregnant increases the chance that you will have a healthy baby. This is particularly important for African American women. Did you know African American babies are 2x more likely to be born with a low birth weight and almost 5x more likely to die in their first year of life?


Whether you plan to get pregnant in the near future or have no plans for now - it is important for all women to be as healthy as they can. Read on to find out how to take care of yourself now for you and for any future pregnancy.


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These writings are written by a Nutrition and Wellness Consultant and do not necessarily represent the standard PPM protocol. At PPM we know that each of our clients is unique, and tailor your visit accordingly. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call 410-576-1414.

Can't wait to get started? Here are 4 things you can do now to get healthy!

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B'more for Healthy Babies