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Gilroy Health Center Receives Jean Gerlinger Award for “New Moms” pilot program

In this election year when Planned Parenthood has been in the glare of the spotlight, PPMM is especially proud and grateful to be one of the very first recipients of the Jean Gerlinger Awards for our “New Moms” pilot program at the Gilroy health center.


The award, named for a prominent Bay Area philanthropist who established the Bella Vista Foundation, comes with a $150,000 grant for the program to help mothers nurture their new babies in a setting where they also receive primary medical services.

Our Gilroy site was chosen for the pilot because the health center has a thriving perinatal program. “New Moms” weekly classes, which began in September of 2012, focus on mothers with children in the formative years from newborn to 3. Since a majority of the center’s patients are Spanish-speaking, the weekly group meetings are held in Spanish. The Gerlinger award grant from the Bella Vista Foundation will be administered over three years and will expand PPMM’s innovative approach to education programs for parents and children. 


“This gives new moms a safe space where they can be vulnerable and where they can get support for the very difficult job of parenting,” said Julie Smith-Reid, Director of Education Services. “There has been a lot of research to show that when kids are raised in a nurturing and loving home, they are more likely to grow up feeling empowered and encouraged to make healthy life decisions.”

The classes teach a variety of early parenting skills ranging from The Importance of Touch to Developing Empathy to Establishing Nurturing Parent Routines. Mothers who are interested in attending the classes are referred by the health center’s Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program.

We are pleased to have “New Moms” as another PPMM program that promotes healthy families and healthy communities.


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October 29, 2012

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Gilroy Health Center Receives Jean Gerlinger Award for “New Moms” pilot program