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Teen Success was founded through the collaborative efforts of Becky Morgan, former California state senator and president of the Morgan Family Foundation, and Linda Williams, President/CEO of Planned Parenthood Mar Monte (PPMM). Since 1990, Teen Success groups have served pregnant and parenting teens, ages 12-21, through weekly support-group meetings. Teen Success participants learn skills to:

  • Maintain their family size
  • Complete their high school / vocational school / GED education
  • Develop life skills that lead to self-sufficiency

Watch the videos below to learn about the experiences of a former member of Teen Success.

What happens during a typical Teen Success group?

What have you done since completing the Teen Success program?

How can I start a Teen Success group in my area?

PPMM is seeking affiliates and community partners that would like to replicate Teen Success in their communities. A total of 25 replication sites will be established over the next few years. A donor provides support to assist replication partners with the costs of establishing and conducting Teen Success during the first 3 years of program operation, and PPMM staff provide training, ongoing support and technical assistance.

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Planned Parenthood Mar Monte
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Start a Teen Success Group