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What is Primary Care?

Primary care is a term describing basic health care services that an individual might need for general health concerns. A primary care provider is often the first doctor a patient might see for such issues. A patient may be referred to a specialist (another type of doctor) for more complicated health conditions.

What health concerns can I go to Planned Parenthood for?

All Planned Parenthood Mar Monte sites provide quality family planning and reproductive health services. 

You can come to certain Planned Parenthood health centers for primary care services as well as reproductive/family planning services.  Primary care services include: treatment of acute illnesses, management of chronic diseases, and screening tests/treatments to keep you well.

The following Planned Parenthood Mar Monte health centers offer primary care services:

Your costs will vary depending up the health insurance you have.

Do I have to choose Planned Parenthood as my primary doctor to keep getting birth control?

If you qualify for Medi-Cal coverage, you do not need to choose Planned Parenthood as your primary provider to continue getting birth control from us. However, Planned Parenthood is available as a Primary Care Provider through several health plans at this time: Central California Alliance for Health, Valley Health Plan and Health Plan of San Mateo. We would love to serve you.

If you qualify for insurance through the Covered California marketplace, you will need to check your plan to find out how birth control is covered with that plan. Often, but not always Planned Parenthood is able to continue providing this service to you.

When do I need to choose a Primary Care Provider (PCP)?

If you qualify for Medi-Cal coverage, you will be asked to choose the health plan and a Primary Care Provider in their network.  Please note that under Medi-Cal you are allowed to come to Planned Parenthood Mar Monte for your reproductive health services even if Planned Parenthood is not in the Medi-Cal plan.

If you qualify for insurance through the Covered California marketplace, there is a selection of HMO and PPO plans. Basic differences are:

HMO plan

  • You have a Primary Care Provider (PCP) who will provide you with basic health services and is your guide to seeking services beyond what that PCP is able to provide.  If you need to see a specialist or have special tests your PCP may refer you.
  • You will not be covered if you go outside their network of providers or do not get a referral from your PCP, unless the plan specifically approves this.

PPO plan

  • You can usually go to any provider in the network without a referral and
  • You can go to a provider outside the network with some additional cost to you.


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Primary Care at PPMM