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Refer a clinician. 
You could earn $1,000!

Refer other employees & earn up to $500!


All regular employees are eligible to participate in the referral program, with the following exceptions:

Vice Presidents and CEO, Human Resources staff, Employees who will directly or indirectly supervise the referred applicant, Temporary and contract staff, Employees involved in the interviewing process of the applicant

Eligible positions - All regular positions of 20 hours per week or more are eligible for the referral program. Temporary and/or contract positions do not qualify for the referral program.

Ineligible Applicants - Referral rewards will not be paid for applicants:

  • who have worked on a contract basis with PPMM within 12 months of the referral date
  • who have worked in a temporary assignment within 12 months of the referral date
  • who left regular employment with PPMM within 12 months of the referral date.


The applicant must put the name of the referring employee in the "How did you hear about this job?" space on the application, or on her/his resume.  Failure to indicate the referring employee’s name on the job applicant will make the employee ineligible for the referral bonus. Human Resources Department representatives will determine the qualifications of all referral candidates.

The regional Human Resources staff will notify the referring employee when a candidate s/he referred is hired into a regular position (20 hours or more per week).  Once the new employee has completed three months of employment, Human Resources will initiate the payment process.

Award and Distribution: 

Referral award amounts -

  • Clinicians (20-40 hours per week): $1,000
  • Other full-time positions (40 hours per week): $500.00
  • Other part-time positions (20 - 39 hours per week): $300.00.

The referral award will be considered as taxable income and will be reflected on W-2 forms. Every attempt will be made to accommodate the required taxes, so what the referring employee receives is as close as possible to the net amount. The referring employee must be an active employee of PPMM at the time the award payment is made. The payment of the referral award will be made to the employee after the referred employee has completed three months of employment.