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High School Sexuality Education Program


Planned Parenthood Los Angeles' high school sexuality education program combines reproductive and sexual health information with skill building around decision making and communication to help teens make informed decisions and have respectful relationships. Sessions are typically presented to 9th-grade health classes, with an effort to provide a comfortable and fact-based learning experience.

Topics include:

  • Sexuality
  • Gender and Relationships
  • Reproductive Anatomy
  • Pregnancy
  • Sexuality Transmitted Disease/HIV Prevention
  • Birth Control

Each year, we reach more than 4,000 students in over 30 Los Angeles County schools. Our presentations are facilitated by volunteer speakers who have been certified by Planned Parenthood after completing a rigorous 40-hour training course. The High School Program serves metropolitan Los Angeles and surrounding areas, based on availability.


High School Sexuality Education Initiative


Partnering with Los Angeles area high schools, Planned Parenthood Los Angeles is implementing a comprehensive strategy to reduce risky sexual behavior in teens that can lead to unplanned pregnancy and STDs. The Sexuality Education Initiative is our new multi-component program based on a gender and rights framework. The program includes:

    1. 12 hours of 9th grade classroom education
    2. A peer advocate after-school club
    3. Parent education
    4. Access to reproductive health services

Currently, the Sexuality Education Initiative is undergoing a randomized evaluation which will allow us to examine results and determine the impact of this comprehensive approach to reduce pregnancy and STD rates among teens. Final results are expected in December 2014. 


Middle School Sexuality Education Program

Planned Parenthood Los Angeles reaches more than 5,000 middle school students per year in over 30 Los Angeles County schools. Our 6-session curriculum for young adolescents is designed to build self-esteem, improve assertiveness, and develop skills to resist pressures to become sexually active.

Topics include:

  • Sexuality
  • Abstinence & Assertive Communication
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Puberty & Anatomy
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease/HIV Prevention
  • Birth Control Basics

The lessons are presented by college-age interns who have completed a rigorous 40-hour training course by Planned Parenthood Educators. The Middle School Program serves Metropolitan Los Angeles and surrounding areas, based on availability.


Peer Advocate Program


The Peer Advocate Program, based in Boyle Heights and South LA, implements a youth development model to address health inequalities that contribute to disproportionate rates of unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases in these communities.

Planned Parenthood Los Angeles’ youth-to-youth strategy creates a network of trusted leaders who share accurate information and help their peers access services. Peer advocates serve as a resource to other teens, dispelling common myths about sexual behaviors, pregnancy, and STDs.

As a result of their training, Peer Advocates open up lines of communication about healthy relationships and decision-making, and inform teens about Planned Parenthood health services.

Peer Advocates, selected from several partner schools, make a commitment to serve for at least one year and receive extensive and ongoing training throughout their involvement.

For more information about all of our programs, please call 213-284-3200 or e-mail [email protected] for more information.

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Youth Programs