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Impact Update

Planned Parenthood Keystone's Monthly Newsletter Exclusively for Donors

September 2022

We provide care and education to thousands of patients each year, including over 11K self-pay patients who rely on us for their care. In fact, we spend $1.9 million annually on providing these services to self-pay patients alone. And only $1M of those costs are covered by block grants and income-based patient fees...

August 2022

Last month, under the literal cover of darkness and using deceptive, blatantly political maneuvers, anti-abortion legislators rammed through a new proposed constitutional amendment, SB106, that would take away the right to abortion in PA.
Not only does...

July 2022

What prompted me to become involved as a volunteer at PP was that I came to the realization that I had to do something productive with the emotions I felt whenever I would see or hear about opposition protesting in front of PP clinics (something a little more productive than flipping them the bird).

June 2022

Happy Pride Month! This month we are celebrating the LGBTQ+ community – all over Pennsylvania! Planned Parenthood Keystone will be at various Pride events throughout the state, including York, Doylestown, Reading, and Lancaster. We hope to see you this summer.

May 2022

Already, the availability of abortion providers in Pennsylvania is far below demand. This is the result of TRAP laws (targeted regulations of abortion providers) which make providing abortion in our state prohibitively expensive; from unnecessary requirements for...

April 2022

Any movement for social and political change needs those who are the most impacted to be the ones driving the mission forward. The foundation of our work is patient advocacy, but to be most effective and equitable, we need to be advocating alongside our patients, not simply on behalf of them.

March 2022

Another year has passed in what seems like an enduring pandemic. There’s no mincing words about how tough times have been for all of us. And yet, you’ve been here with Planned Parenthood Keystone. Thank you.

This month, in lieu of the monthly newsletter, I'm pleased to provide you a recap of last fiscal year in our just released annual report.

February 2022

With all of the attacks on reproductive rights we’re facing in this moment, we must band together in our call for reproductive justice, a concept long fought for by Black women and people of color. I hope that as you read this issue each article is received and heard through the multifaceted lens of equity. Women, trans men, and nonbinary people
understand firsthand the marginalization of our genders, but for those of us...

January 2022

In lieu of our monthly newsletter, we wanted to take a moment today to pause and celebrate our wins last year. We're gearing up for the fight of a generation, and though sometimes the outlook is bleak, we can't lose sight of what we can accomplish together.

December 2021

Last week on December 1st, the US Supreme Court heard arguments in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. This is a 15-week abortion ban law out of Mississippi. It is a direct threat to the cen­tral holding in Roe that women (sic) have the right to choose to have an abortion prior to viability and to do so without undue interference from the State. And let’s be really clear – this is a crisis point. The loudest alarm is ringing.

November 2021

We know that trans people, non-binary, and gender non-confirming people get pregnant. As we fight back against abortion bans, it is important for us to uplift all those impacted by these unconstitutional and cruel laws. Later on in this newsletter, there is an important primer on changing the way we talk about abortion. I hope that you will read it and start to integrate non-gendered language into your conversations.

October 2021

This past week was one of the most important moments in our history – and you all showed up! I am overcome with gratitude...

September 2021

Dear Friends,
I am so touched by the outpouring of support for Texas. Many of you participated in the national call-to-action on September 1st in response to the Texas abortion ban. Even with the grim news...

August 2021

Dear Friends,
This summer is going by so quickly! It feels like only yesterday we were getting ready for sunny days and lazy evenings. Before we know it...

June 2021

Happy Pride Month! June is the time we honor our LGBTQ+ leaders for their hard-fought sacrifices. It is also a time of celebration to commemorate the incredible LGBTQ+ community...

May 2021

This month I am thinking of new beginnings. Perhaps it’s because the rainy days have given way to flowers, and the days are longer so we can enjoy the sunlight a few minutes more. With this energy, PPKeystone has looked at ways to better

July 2021

It is my five-year anniversary at Planned Parenthood Keystone! I am overcome with so many emotions thinking about this milestone...

April 2021

The mild weather and blossoming flowers bring us fresh energy for the path ahead. For months, we have shared with you that PPKeystone and our Board have been hard at work developing

March 2021

Anniversaries are typically joyous occasions and call for celebration but this anniversary is different. March marks one year of the COVID-19 pandemic. Like many of you, I’ve been...

February 2021

It is Black History Month and we are honoring Black women’s contributions to American history and culture. Black women have carried many historical movements...

July 2020

Greetings from PPKeystone!
I’m honored to write to you on behalf of the PPKeystone Board of Directors and to have served as your Board Chair for the past two years...

June 2020

Dear Friends,
Planned Parenthood Keystone is devastated by the senseless violence against Black lives. Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and Ahmaud Arbery are just some of the Black lives lost because of the overpolicing of Black bodies.

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May 2020

Greetings from PPKeystone!
I’m pleased to introduce you to our new monthly Impact Update. I hope you enjoy connecting in this way while we are all physically distant...