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Patient Forms, Insurance & What to expect when you visit our medical centers

frntpg-clinician.jpgWe have been serving women, men and young people for over 89 years in Pennsylvania. You can trust us to provide high quality essential health care.
We accept most insurance plans. 
Under new Pennsylvania programs, you may be eligible for free or reduced cost health care insurance. Call us at 800.230.PLAN to schedule an appointment with a Certified Application Counselor who can help you get answers to your questions and signed up for these new programs. 


Enroll in Pennsylvania’s new FAMILY PLANNING SERVICES PROGRAM. It’s available for PA residents - women, men and young people under 21!

It covers these Planned Parenthood services: 

  • family planning
  • birth control
  • Emergency Contraception
  • pregnancy testing
  • STD testing & treatment
  • HIV testing
  • cancer screenings
  • male services 

Download our info sheet to see if you qualify.
Learn more or complete your application online by clicking here.
Please note: 
Whether you complete the form online or on paper at your County Assistance Office and you are not interested in full medical assistance, it is important that you write FAMILY PLANNING COVERAGE ONLY in the Comments. 

Payment is expected at the time of each visit. We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards. Please bring a photo ID card and, if you have them, your insurance cards with you to each visit. For more information on payment, please read our Visit & Payment Info Form (English) (Spanish).

With each visit, you will be asked to fill out some forms. The information on these forms helps us to evaluate your medical history and any health concerns. You can download PDF forms here and fill them out in advance of your visit. This will make your visit go faster. 

If you are currently or have previously been a patient at any PPKey medical center and would like a copy of your records for yourself or your current health care provider, you can complete this Medical Records release form and bring it to your medical center. 


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Patient Forms & What you need to know