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How To Contact Your Reps

How do you contact your legislator?

You can find your Pennsylvania State Senator or Representative by visiting this Find Your Legislator Site.

The site will provide you with a list of your state elected officials and where to contact them.

You may choose to contact your legislators’ District or State Capitol offices.

What To Expect

What happens when you call your legislator?

You'll likely be connected with a staff person who works in constituent services or a legislative assistant. 

They may ask for your zip code or address to verify that you are a constituent (that means you live in the location that they represent). 

They may ask you if you need a response to your phone call. 

Your legislator’s office keeps a record of all constituent calls and will let your legislator know that their constituents care about the issue that you are calling about. 

Tips For Calling

Tips when making your call: 

  • Be prepared - know what issue you are calling about and what action you would like your legislator to take. 
  • Identify yourself and your relationship with the legislator – provide your name, location, and state that you are a constituent. 
  • Clearly communicate the purpose of your call – keep your message simple and to the point. 
  • Be courteous – thank the staffer for taking your call and let them know how you will follow up. 

What To Say During Your Call

Below, you will find a sample script for contacting your elected officials. This script is about Senate Bill 956, the No Right to Abortion Constitutional Amendment. This amendment is the most immediate threat to abortion access in Pennsylvania. If passed and later approved on the ballot, this bill could make it easier for anti-abortion lawmakers in Pennsylvania to severely restrict or ban abortion when Roe is overturned. You can learn more about the amendment here

“Hello, my name is (YOUR NAME) and I am calling from (CITY) as a constituent of (LEGISLATOR NAME). I am a supporter of Planned Parenthood and abortion access in Pennsylvania. I recently learned that the Pennsylvania state legislature is considering a constitutional amendment that proposes to permanently change our state constitution and take away protection for abortion access in Pennsylvania. Now is a time when our state lawmakers need to reaffirm their commitment to sexual and reproductive health, not strip away fundamental rights for Pennsylvanians.  

I am calling to tell my state Senator/Representative that I support abortion access in Pennsylvania, and this constitutional amendment is not in the best interest of their constituents. Our elected officials must prioritize their constituents by expanding access to essential health care, not restricting it.

Thank you for your time.”